Custom Options

Because Centra manufactures the windows we install, we are able to custom create windows suited for your home. We can help you to achieve any desired look, customize configurations and operation for the needs of each room in your home, match to any colour and determine the specialty glass and privacy options to meet your needs. If you can dream it, we can build it.

  1. Design customized windows for your home
  2. Understand the difference glass can make
  3. Get curb appeal & Security with custom Entry Doors

Custom Paint Options

Dramatically enhance the look of your windows and doors with Standard and Premium Paint options. Centra windows are available in White and Desert Sand frames and since we paint in house, colours can be personalized to any of our Standard or Premium options or to match any colour chip that inspires you.  Further customize the look of your windows by choosing a custom colour for the trim for dramatic curb appeal.

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Window Hardware and Screen Options

All of our hardware is of the highest quality to ensure your windows operate properly while keeping your home secure. With stainless steel rotocrank hinges, brass rollers, concealed hinges, and multi-point locking systems, Centra windows are designed to be user-friendly and burglar-resistant.

Manufactured in-house for quality control, Centra’s screens are custom made specifically for your windows for a perfect fit. Our screens are designed to be easily removable and maintenance-free for the life of your windows.

Custom Configuration + Grid Options

Experience endless possibilities for window style, configuration options and grid patterns. Configuration options are available to view in our brochure or consult your Centra Representative to design the right configuration and grid patterns for your space.

Window Grid Inspiration

Obscure Glass Options

Privacy is an important part of designing your new windows. Create a completely custom look with obscure glass that meets your needs for privacy and style in areas like the bathroom, garage or other areas in your home where you want to let light in and keep vision into your home limited.

Satin Etch



Seady Reamy



Narrow Read




Safety Glass Options

Centra’s safety glass offers a level of security that can’t be realized with ordinary glass. Safety glass is important to have for sliding glass doors or a window located at the bottom of a staircase.

Annealed Glass
Tempered Glass
Laminated Glass

Annealed Glass – breaks easily, producing long, sharp splinters
Tempered Glass – shatters completely under high levels of impact and few pieces remain in the frame
Laminated Glass – may crack under high levels of impact but tends to remain integral, adhering to the plastic vinyl interlayer

Available Glass Upgrade Options

Glass can really make a difference to the performance of your windows and Centra can help you find the right fit for your home. The glass options you select can improve energy efficiency, provide greater clarity, filter out specific kinds of light, and even provide reduced maintenance – especially if you hate cleaning windows. Ask your Centra representative how to get the best energy performance out of your windows.

Watch this video to see the Extreme Performance Glass from Cardinal

Available Upgrades

Centra’s safety glass offers a level of security that can’t be realized with ordinary glass. Safety glass is important to have for sliding glass doors or a window located at the bottom of a staircase. Centra meets your needs when it comes to the safety of your home.

Reduced Maintenance

Window glass designed to harness the power of the sun’s UV rays to create lower maintenance glass which is naturally cleaner than ordinary glass. The smooth surface disperses water evenly, removing dirt more quickly and reducing water spots. Your windows will stay cleaner longer and will clean easier


Extreme Performance

Turn your double-pane windows into near triple-pane performers. A special coating on the glass reflects escaping heat back into the room increasing insulation value and performance. Meet the toughest energy guidelines.

Sound Insulating Glass

Do you live by a noisy street, train track, or airport? If noise reduction is important to you Centra Windows can help. Our Sound Insulating Glass can substantially reduce undesirable noise from the outside.

Construction Protection

Protect your glass in transit and on site with a removable protective film. This film protects against splattered paint, excess stucco, mud and scratches on the construction site.


Endur Spacer

To help protect your home from drafts and moisture Centra’s warm-edge stainless steel spacer is key. This spacer will improve sightline temperature by 1 – 2 degrees and increase the resistance to condensation. Not only is the Endur Spacer exceptionally functional it is also very aesthetically pleasing.

  1. Primary Seal – Flexible synthetic rubber that minimizes moisture saturation, it is UV resistant and provides an outstanding seal.
  2. Secondary Seal – Specially formulated silicone for insulated glazing units provides a long term bond
  3. Warm Edge Spacer – Stainless steel design provides maximum area for sealant coverage
  4. Desiccant – Material designed to control moisture

Custom Door Options

With accessory options in paint, stain, hardware, glass, and security, you can build a custom door to suit your personality and enhance the beauty and character of your home. Centra can colour match anything you’d like with a perfectly chosen paint or stain to make your entry door the envy of the neighbourhood. With several choices for door slab styles as well as decorative glass and door hardware, we can build the door of your dreams. Your patio doors can be further personalized for a traditional look with grid patterns, or customized for bright areas with zero-maintenance internal mini blinds. Your family’s security is never compromised with our high quality locking systems, which are available in an array of styles and finishes to achieve just the look you want.

Hardware Colour Options

Polished Brass
Polished Brass (3)
Satin Nickel
Satin Nickel (15)
Polished Chrome
Polished Chrome (26)
Venetian Bronze
Venetian Bronze (11P)
Rustic Pewter
Rustic Pewter (502)
Antique Brass
Antique Brass (5)
Antique Nickel
Antique Nickel (15A)
Satin Chrome
Satin Chrome (26D)
Rustic Bronze
Rustic Bronze (501)
Iron Black
Iron Black (514)







Smart Locks

Smart Locks


Adelaide Option
Canterbury Option
Harlow Option
Hastings Option
Lancaster Option
Lexingtony Option
Monte Option
Riverton Option
Royston Option
Savannah Option

Door Paint Options

Paint Options

Door Stain Options

Stain Options
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