Centra disco dog inside of a window frame promoting our neat and cool glass upgrades.

Want to be Neat and Cool? We have a glass for that.


What does it take to be Neat and Cool?

Neat & Cool is the feeling of reduced maintenance and being comfortable in your home environment year round. It is the embodiment of two of Cardinal’s technologically advanced glass upgrades that can help your home to be more energy efficient while reducing time on window maintenance.

The Neat® naturally clean glass upgrade reduces the amount of maintenance time you spend on cleaning your windows. The 366 glass upgrade provides the highest levels of year-round comfort and keeps the inside of your home cool and relaxed during the hot summer months. Harness the power of 2-in-1 with Neat® & Cool glass.

How does it work?

Neat® glass is ultra-smooth. It is designed to harness the power of the sun’s UV rays to create lower maintenance glass which is naturally cleaner than ordinary glass. The smooth surface disperses water evenly, removing dirt more quickly and reducing water spots. Your windows will stay cleaner longer and will clean easier. Now that’s Neat!

When the temperature soars, ordinary window glass just can’t handle the heat. And tinted glass spoils the view. Cardinal LoĒ³-366, has been specially formulated to reject the sun’s heat without affecting the view. It lets more light in and keeps more heat out. So your home stays comfortable and cool.

Neat & Cool glass is designed to help with your window maintenance schedule and get you back to summer. Leave your vinyl windows to virtually clean themselves all year long with the Neat® glass and stay cool indoors with LoĒ³-366. So how can your windows start working for you? Ask for Centra’s Neat & Cool Glass.

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