BudgetingNice Tax Return? Treat Yourself to New Windows!

You’ve worked hard over the past year – it’s time to treat yourself and get the home comfort you deserve! There’s no better way to spend that tax windfall than investing it in the place you live, and there’s no better form of renovations than new windows and doors! When you upgrade, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t do it sooner.

So why are windows and doors the best investment you can make in your home? Well, we’re glad you asked…

Lower Energy Bills

If you’ve got them, you know it all too well: old, single-pane windows (and even older double-pane ones) do a terrible job of keeping your home comfortable. You only need to stand next to them and feel the sun beating through or the cold emanating from the glass to know how awful they are. Modern vinyl windows make a huge difference, boosting that efficiency and comfort and, as a result, slashing your energy bills down to size!

Increase Home Value

There’s no getting around it – old windows look terrible. Upgrading is a terrific way to boost your home’s overall look and curb appeal, but that’s not the only way new windows increase value. The added efficiency and the knowledge that future renovations won’t be needed make your home more appealing to prospective buyers and leave them little haggling room. Choose a company with a transferable warranty, so any home buyers know that this investment will be covered even after you move on!

Reduce Neighbourhood Noise

Neighbourhoods are getting busier, there are more flights, there’s more construction… when will it end?!? It probably won’t – so boost your home’s peace and quiet and make it a true haven with top-performing, high-quality windows!

No More Leaky Windows

Leaks – major problems with older windows – can be unsightly, irritating, and even a health hazard. They promote mould growth and cause damage to the home. No one should have to deal with these issues. New windows, with their extra glass panes and superior seals, mean you’ll no longer have to.

Lifelong Benefits

If you get the right windows, the improvements you feel won’t just be for a year or two – they’ll last a lifetime. Make sure you do your due diligence, pick the right company, and be especially vigilant about the warranty. If a company only covers you for a few years, avoid them at all costs. Choose a company with a lifetime warranty, like Centra.

Put your tax return to good use! Reach out to Centra Windows, and together we can make your home renovation dream a reality. Book your free quote today.

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