Adventure Bay, Vernon

To whom it may concern, regarding the work of Centra Restorations.

I was the council site representative on a project to re skin and re do the waterproofing membrane on three Condominium buildings. The project was performed from September 2012 through April 2013 in the Interior of BC. Centra Restorations was our contractor and we employed the services of a Consulting Engineering firm to write the specifications and supervise the contract.

We as the Owners enjoyed good relations with Centra throughout. They maintained good contact with us through every phase of the work, and I as site rep was in daily contact with their site superintendent regarding details large and small. At no time did I feel they went ahead against my wishes. On the few occasions that they had to contact individual owners or tenants they were professional and responsible, not every owner or tenant wants to cooperate with a contractor, and Centra handled these sticky situations well.

The project was scheduled for completion in 5 months, it actually took 7 months due to some unreasonably heavy fall rains and a delay in material shipments that was not in their control.

I am happy with the quality of the workmanship throughout and our consultant commented often that workmanship was outstanding for the most part. Any and all small deficiencies were corrected promptly and well.

My working relationship with the two site superintendents was excellent, the staff was friendly and didn’t feed me any BS either. Our Condo association would certainly use Centra again and I recommend them to others for similar work.

Glenn L Thamer, a retired CEO and a Director of this Condominium Council. March 20, 2014

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