How To Navigate Strata Repairs

Like any single-family household, multi-family complexes periodically need upgrades and repairs. Stratas should be starting the conversation now if they are looking to do these types of upgrades in the coming seasons.

The Panes of 2021


The construction industry has faced unexpected challenges and obstacles in 2021. Here, the Window Geeks take a closer look at some of the contributing factors.

The house-as-a-system: Use the Step Code to your advantage

The ‘house-as-a-system’ is a concept we Window Geeks can talk about all day long. At its core, this is all about connection.

Are Double Pane Windows a Better Option than Triple Pane?

The construction industry has evolved over the past decade and as a result, the requirements for energy efficient building products are continuing to develop. We can expect that our industry will continue to advance, especially with new programs such as the BC Energy Step Code.  Pair that with the rising costs of energy and it becomes evidently clear that project managers need to select materials that translate to future cost savings.

What does the rise in lumber prices mean for your home renovation

The price of lumber has more than doubled since the pandemic began, leaving home builders and the construction industry confused on how to manage their projects.  

Energy Code Lingo can be frustrating...Window Geeks to the rescue!

Are you frustrated with Energy Code Lingo? You are not alone and here is why.

We often hear grumblings in the industry on how the Energy Code has impacted costs of building within the new energy standards.

Put a Sweater on your home | Energy Efficient Windows

Our latest segment with CTV Vancouver explores the idea of “putting a sweater on your home”.

Do you know who your Window Expert is?


What if you had someone in a position that could offer expertise at no cost to you? 

We all know the importance of expertise in a field or subject.  Having the ability to involve experts from different sections of a project from the launch allows for more educated and informed decision making.  

Global BC learns how to select the right type of windows

Whether you are building a new home or replacing the old, cold and drafty windows in your existing home, there are a number of important things that you should consider before you sign on the dotted line.

How to interpret the word “OR” in the BC Building Code

Windows and Doors have been exposed to the NAFS standard since 2012.  As time has passed, we have seen a few code changes and alterations in the code language that is used around NAFS. 


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