The Importance of Product Quality

For some, buying a home will be their most expensive purchase in their lifetime. Whether you decide to build or buy pre-owned, the products you choose to renovate or build with in your home directly affects the value and comfort of your home, its energy efficiency and resale value.

Top 5 tips to Prevent a Child from Falling out of an Open Window

Summer season is around the corner and days continue to get warmer and longer. With the warm weather on the rise, there is a sudden increase in the number of unattended open windows. We're all eager for that cool summer breeze floating through the house each night but there are risks that may directly impact your family.

Centra's Innovations in Energy Efficiency

Are you aware of the new City of Vancouver’s requirements for more energy efficient windows on single family homes?

Vancouver Raises the Game with it's Window Code

“BC Homeowners and Contractors will want to know about some recent changes.” –Says Centra Sales Rep John Pikard

The BC Building code takes the form of two intimidating volumes over in our estimating department.  But here is what you most need to know about windows in your home - and a recent important change the city of Vancouver has made.

House As A System

There Are Several Elements That Work Together To Keep Your Home’s Energy Efficiency At Its Best – This Concept Is Your “House As A System”.


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