Victoria Complex inspired by 90's sitcom Friends

A stunning new complex in Victoria is making headlines and it features brand new ColourShield Centra Windows.

Window performance in a West Coast climate

Strong storms that bring heavy rain and gusty winds are a reality of West Coast living. Our latest segment with CTV explores tips on dealing with leaks and the effectiveness of windows during a winter cold snap.

Strata complexes need to consider warranty and hourly paid installers

“The most important factor when deciding to go with Centra Windows is their warranty and their installers are hired by the company, they are not subcontractors.”

Victoria Strata completes a renovation overhaul

The Centra Windows team is proud to be wrapping up yet another successful Multifamily Strata restoration project in Victoria.

Do you know who your Window Expert is?


What if you had someone in a position that could offer expertise at no cost to you? 

We all know the importance of expertise in a field or subject.  Having the ability to involve experts from different sections of a project from the launch allows for more educated and informed decision making.  

How to interpret the word “OR” in the BC Building Code

Windows and Doors have been exposed to the NAFS standard since 2012.  As time has passed, we have seen a few code changes and alterations in the code language that is used around NAFS. 

Saving Money through the Step Code

Municipalities such as Victoria, Saanich, Oak Bay, North and Centra Saanich, View Royal, and Colwood are all raising the bar and adopting part of the voluntary BC Step Code.

Designing Windows for the BC Energy Step Code

Whether it is a single family dwelling, townhouse development, mixed-use building or multi-storey apartment/condo building, collaborating with your most trusted trades early on in the process is crucial. At the design stage of your project,

The Experience of Saving Time & Money

We’ve all been in a scenario where we looked at something and said “is it worth the extra money?” I know we’ve all been in the scenario where we haven’t spent the extra money and later realized that we should have invested for quality.  The problem is that if a product fails in the construction industry, it means it costs significant money and time. 

NEAT+ Glass benefits Strata and Rental markets

Our trusted partner Cardinal IG recently came out with its second generation of low maintenance glass coatings, otherwise known as NEAT+.


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