Employee Ownership made a difference

“The reason I chose Centra was because I go with my gut feeling. They made a great impression and provided me with the trust I was looking for. The fact that they are Employee Owned tells me that they are fully invested into their work. Bryan Richardson is doing a great job and Centra is lucky to have him. Plus they are local and operated in British Columbia!"

Supporting Canadian Owned and Operated companies

“My windows are 100% different. The level of heat has cut down and in the winter it does the opposite, it keeps the heat inside the home. It’s amazing how well the windows perform. When he had Jake come out to our home, his presentation was much better than the other companies we looked at.

I also want to support a Canadian owned and operated company. I rather keep the money in Canada and keep people employed in British Columbia.

Thank you Jake and Centra Windows for the professionalism, expertise and respect.”

Lakewood Greens

"We didn’t have one bad experience. Every unit was done professionally and they went above and beyond. Every homeowner is so happy with the transformation. They couldn’t believe the difference in the quality of life, especially during the summer and winter seasons."


Strata Council Member of the Lakewood Greens Anthony Polegato speaks about his experience working alongside Senior Sales Estimator Mark Brandow and Centra Windows.


Our team installed 1050 windows and 80 patio doors for all 78 units in this beautiful multifamily complex in Surrey.

Centra changed our lives

"You can do your research to get quotes but you must talk to Centra. No other company wanted to touch my patio door which was not good. Centra accommodated all my needs and met every expectation. They were efficient, professional and courteous. Natalie Honey is a gem and a perfect representation of the company and what it stands for."

Asbestos Awareness | Questions to Ask Your Window Estimator About Asbestos


Out With The Old, In With The New

When Jennifer and her family made the move to Abbotsford from Kelowna it was an exciting step towards owning their own home, they thought they had it all figured out. It was a new beginning for them, with a new job and the comforts of a new home. The home was built in the 1980's and instead of the warm welcome they were anticipating, Jennifer and her family were welcomed with old aluminum windows that caused more problems than they originally expected.     

Ant Man

A New View On Life

"The biggest shock was when we got the power bill. It was steep and that was an indicator that it was time for new windows."

Renovation Rescue

After it wrapped up, I had an unobstructed view of the home and I just stood & stared for 15 minutes. It was an amazing feeling.

When Terry Lanktree decided to replace his existing windows, he didn’t realize that simple choice would end up transforming the look and feel of his home. Thanks to the Centra team out in Victoria, Terry and his family now have a refreshing design that improves their homes safety, comfort, curb appeal, and overall experience.

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