Working with Ventana Construction Group

As BC’s favourite window manufacturer and installer, Centra has worked with some fantastic local builders to deliver developments of outstanding

Meet the Window Geeks: Jagdeep Singh

Meet Jagdeep Singh, P.Eng. PMP CMQ/OE

Jagdeep is the Engineering Manager here at Centra Windows. He has always had a great interest in design and manufacturing.

Working with Wesmont Group

Centra Windows has been operating for almost four decades, so we understand the importance of building strong relationships with other companies. Over the years, Wesmont Group has become a highly valued customer and an integral part of the Centra family.

Window Safety Tips during the Summer Season

The heat of the summer has arrived and that means families are looking for ways to keep cool at home. In 2020, 14 children aged 16 and younger were treated at BC Children's Emergency Department for falls from high elevations, such as windows and balconies.

The Journey of Float Glass to Your Project Site

Have you ever wondered how float glass is created and how it gets to your site? Given the business we’re in, we Window Geeks know just how important this journey is.

The house-as-a-system: Use the Step Code to your advantage

The ‘house-as-a-system’ is a concept we Window Geeks can talk about all day long. At its core, this is all about connection.

Learn more about the Window Geeks!


Meet Anton Van Dyk, Dpl.T. LEED AP

When it comes to all things windows, Anton Van Dyk is the expert you can trust. He’s our certified Window Geek and has over 20 years of envelope-related consulting and construction experience.

Are Double Pane Windows a Better Option than Triple Pane?

The construction industry has evolved over the past decade and as a result, the requirements for energy efficient building products are continuing to develop. We can expect that our industry will continue to advance, especially with new programs such as the BC Energy Step Code.  Pair that with the rising costs of energy and it becomes evidently clear that project managers need to select materials that translate to future cost savings.

Why Energy Ratings are Nonessential for Determining Window Performance in BC

Are you aware of the Energy Rating (ER) compliance path in Canada and why it is not allowed to be used in BC for code compliance? 

What does the rise in lumber prices mean for your home renovation

The price of lumber has more than doubled since the pandemic began, leaving home builders and the construction industry confused on how to manage their projects.  


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