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Meet Anton Van Dyk, Dpl.T. LEED AP

When it comes to all things windows, Anton Van Dyk is the expert you can trust. He’s our certified Window Geek and has over 20 years of envelope-related consulting and construction experience.

Are Double Pane Windows a Better Option than Triple Pane?

The construction industry has evolved over the past decade and as a result, the requirements for energy efficient building products are continuing to develop. We can expect that our industry will continue to advance, especially with new programs such as the BC Energy Step Code.  Pair that with the rising costs of energy and it becomes evidently clear that project managers need to select materials that translate to future cost savings.

Why Energy Ratings are Nonessential for Determining Window Performance in BC

Are you aware of the Energy Rating (ER) compliance path in Canada and why it is not allowed to be used in BC for code compliance? 

What does the rise in lumber prices mean for your home renovation

The price of lumber has more than doubled since the pandemic began, leaving home builders and the construction industry confused on how to manage their projects.  

Renovations increase curb appeal and value

In our previous segments alongside CTV Vancouver, we highlighted the fact that homeowners should focus on home performance renovations.

Victoria Complex inspired by 90's sitcom Friends

A stunning new complex in Victoria is making headlines and it features brand new ColourShield Centra Windows.

How to deal with Asbestos during Home Renovations

Have you ever wondered what to do if you encounter asbestos in your home?

Window performance in a West Coast climate

Strong storms that bring heavy rain and gusty winds are a reality of West Coast living. Our latest segment with CTV explores tips on dealing with leaks and the effectiveness of windows during a winter cold snap.

Sustainable and affordable housing with West Coast Container Homes

Centra Windows has teamed up with a local company that repurposes new and used shipping containers to create simple, affordable and sustainable living spaces. West Coast Container Homes is based in Victoria, B.C.

Energy Code Lingo can be frustrating...Window Geeks to the rescue!

Are you frustrated with Energy Code Lingo? You are not alone and here is why.

We often hear grumblings in the industry on how the Energy Code has impacted costs of building within the new energy standards.


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