Centra's Innovations in Energy Efficiency

Are you aware of the new City of Vancouver’s requirements for more energy efficient windows on single family homes?

Last year the City of Vancouver passed a requirement in their bylaw requiring windows to meet a thermal performance value of 1.4 or better.  At first it was thought that the only way to achieve this performance was through the use of triple glazed windows.  Well, through some phenomenal RND work by our engineering department, we have achieved these results with double glazed windows and high efficient PVC frames.  Below is a list of thermal performance ratings of qualifying product.  Note the availability of sliding windows and patio doors:

Note: the above windows are double glazed with Cardinal 270 on surface #2 and Cardinal i89 on surface #4.

As a result of this RND work, our engineering department was able to optimize our frames and with adding triple glazing to some windows was able to exceed these codes by a considerable amount.  If you are in need of a high performance window for a high performance home design check out these triple glazed window ratings:

Note:  the above windows are triple glazed with Cardinal 366 on surface #2, Cardinal 180 on surface #4, and Cardinal i89 on surface #6

If you are interested in learning more or would like to see how this product can help your project achieve code requirements, please contact a Centra sales representative through email via info@centra.ca

*all U values are in Metric.

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