Top 5 tips to Prevent a Child from Falling out of an Open Window

Summer has just begun and already the days continue to get warmer and longer, and with the warm weather there is a sudden rise in the number of unattended open windows. Who doesn’t want to have that nice summer breeze floating through their house each night?

The fact remains that unattended open windows lead to nearly 5,000 children falling out of windows every year, according to the U.S. consumer Product Safety Commission and it is considered one of the top five home hazards.

We here at Centra want to keep you and your children safe this summer, and have compiled a list of the Top 5 tips to prevent a child from falling out of an open window:

  1. Screen’s keep the bug’s out—but they are not strong enough to hold the weight of a toddler in when leaned on.
  2. Always lock unopened windows, and only open windows that are out of reach of your child for ventilation purposes.
  3. Do not place any beds or scalable furniture underneath a window for curious children to climb.
  4. Always supervise children and keep their play area away from unsecured windows and patio doors.
  1. Consider installing additional safety features to your windows to restrict the size of the window opening, such as;
    1. Charley Bars-A straight bar that goes across horizontal sliding windows to prevent opening.
    2. Windows Wedges-Small wedges that are used on vertical sliding windows to prevent opening. 
    3. Window Stops- a small mechanism that keeps the windows locked. The stop also controls the height and width of the locked window.

To secure existing windows call your local hardware store for aftermarket locks and guards. If you are getting new Centra windows installed by us, our installers would be more than happy to assist you in installing new safety equipment to keep you and your children safe—all you have to do is ask!*

*Safety Equipment is not included in the price of installation or with windows. Equipment must be purchased prior to installation date.

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