Why Vinyl Windows Are Better Than Fibreglass & Wood

Centra’s 2900 ColourShield black vinyl frames

A frequently asked question is, ‘why are vinyl windows better than fibreglass or wood? You might think that the answer to this question should be very straightforward, however the true answer is only understood once you grasp the intricate details. The best way to explain why replacing windows with vinyl windows is because of the following reasons.

Climate Control 

Beautiful British Columbia is known for its generally stable climate with a touch of everlasting rain and moments of frosty winters. Often, wooden frame windows don’t suit the climate as well as vinyl windows for the mere reason that wooden windows need to be treated in order to stand against the temperature affects. Whereas vinyl windows are designed to withhold against the climate changes and act as a strong barrier in keeping the cold out while maintaining the warmth inside the home.  

Aesthetic Appeal  

The unique thing about vinyl windows are the variety of options. Whether it involves choosing specific colour or textures, you can customize your windows to fit a modern-style or a classic traditional look too. The homeowner has the ultimate freedom to design. The visions to add curb appeal and upgrade your home to what you envisioned becomes a reality with vinyl.

Strength and Durability  

On average, both vinyl and fiberglass windows are cheaper than wood, and depending on the amount of windows you are replacing, costs can vary. However, when it comes to strength and durability, wood is at the bottom of the list because they are made from organic materials. Bugs and can eat away at it and it is prone to rotting over time.


As buyer’s we typically hunt for the best deal and overall value. Due to the fact that wood is an organic material, wood windows tend to me more expensive because of the raw material and complex process it involves carving out the right window. Comparatively, fibreglass and other window frame materials continue to cost more because their approach is based on a customized order, whereas vinyl window materials tend to be created in bulk quantities.  

We love talking windows! If you are looking to explore more options and get a better insight on vinyl windows, give us a call today at 1-888-534-3333 and we’d be happy to answer any questions. 

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