Why You Should Nominate Someone for the Centra Cares Home Renovation Contest 2017?

Centra Cares Home Reno 2016


From May 1st to 31st 2017, we want to help a family in need by giving away a full house of windows (valued up to $15,000). But we need your help to nominate a deserving family. 

When people think of much needed home renovations they look to the interior of their home. A lot of times people neglect some of the most important pieces to a home renovation project and that is their windows.  Windows are more than just cosmetic, they provide much needed health, safety and energy saving improvements.  We realize that not everyone can afford much needed home window renovations so we want to help a family in need.

Help a family be healthy.

Windows help keep the air flowing into and out of the house.  Without windows that can properly open and close, it is difficult to let fresh air in to dry out the home and let the condensation escape.  This is important to stop mold from forming.  This is also true in the summer where air conditioning can dry out the air.

Help a family be safe. 

Most windows, especially older ones, do not have proper safety or do not have strong enough locks to keep a determined burglar out. Centra windows are designed with multipoint or multiple security features to ensure a safe and secure home.

Help a family save energy.

Windows and doors can account for up to 40% of a home’s energy loss and can save a family up to 8% on their energy bills*. Combine this with knowledgeable Centra installers, the well deserving family can reduce their energy costs and continue to reap the savings.

“My parents just did a renovation through BC Hydro sponsored by Centra, they love their windows and I love their windows...their house has probably saved them quite a bit of money.” - Shannon Bishop, Homeowner and 2015 winner.

Nominate a neighbour, friend, family member or even yourself by visiting our contest page or on social media by checking out our Facebook Page and sending a direct message to @centrawindows.  Video submissions will also be accepted. 

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