Glenmore Fountains upgrade over 400 Windows

“We knew our windows were failing. We began to look at the cost analysis and it made sense to replace the windows. We brought in three companies and got quotes but we were really impressed by Centra’s... Read More

By rdesai - July 31, 2020
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Experience Year Round Comfort at the PNE Prize Home

Centra Windows visited the PNE Prize Home alongside CTV Vancouver to discuss the latest technology available for homeowners. The PNE Prize Home installed windows that focus on home comfort and... Read More

By rdesai - July 31, 2020
PNE Prize Home with Centra Windows

BC's Safest Window Company on CTV Vancouver

 Some people are nervous about hiring home services, is this an okay time to bring someone in to your home?This is 100% understandable and not just applicable to homeowners but our employees as... Read More

By rdesai - June 30, 2020
CTV Vancouver with Centra Windows COVID 19

Maintaining Condensation on CTV Morning Live

Our certified Window Geek Anton spoke with CTV Vancouver Anchor Marke Driesschen about the causes, concerns and solutions to condensation. The CTV team learns how to take care of your windows and... Read More

By rdesai - May 31, 2020
Centra Windows live in CTV studios

Multi-Chambered frames are crucial for thermal comfort

Over the last decade, we have had the opportunity to upgrade this technology with new types of LoE coatings, upgraded spacer bars and even more advanced frames with added internal chambers. Multi-... Read More

By rdesai - May 31, 2020


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