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Joining a new company is always a big decision. We understand that you want to bring your expertise to a place they’ll be appreciated, to do work you can believe in. Allow us to humblebrag about our unique, fun, challenging, career building, and award-winning culture – hopefully, we can make the decision to apply a no-brainer!

We know that our strength lies in the expertise of our people.

We know you have a ton of knowledge, skills, passion and drive. Our Employee Owners are just like you and we know that the success of Centra is built with the expertise of our people. At Centra, you’ll find your knowledge, skills, passion, and drive are appreciated like never before. Join us, and let’s build your career and Centra together!


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What is the Centra culture?

At Centra, passion and performance meet to create a culture full of people who OWN IT! This unique, evolving culture is built on the unshakeable foundation of our key values. Family, Entrepreneurial Spirit, Respect, Safety, and Teamwork are more than just buzz words. Check out what they mean to those who live them every day.


Employee Owned and it shows


Centra's FERST Values

We are 100% Employee Owned

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Join our award-winning team!

Why humblebrag when someone else is willing to do it for you? In 2020, Centra was recognized alongside Canada’s most well-known companies with The Waterstone Most Admired Corporate Culture Award. We always thought this was an award-worthy work environment, and now we have the trophy to prove it! Instead of getting into the whole “We would like to thank the academy…” speech, you can check out more about it on our blog.

Our mission, vision & values

People are our profits

We Invest In Our People

People are at the core of our goals. Simply put, our business goals are always based on growing our team’s expertise and the number of Employee Owners.

Passion and Performance

Passion & Performance

We are passionate, and that passion is what drives our performance. You should belong to a culture where your passion is rewarded.

Build Equity Beyond Your Paycheque

Build Equity Beyond Your Paycheck

Ever thought about going into business for yourself? Reduce the risk while still reaping the benefits with employee ownership!

Our Commitments

We’re proud of the culture our people have created. We’re committed to it, and also to you. Learn more about how our team of Employee Owners will stay committed to you and your journey at Centra.

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Diversity and Inclusion

We’re committed to building the most diverse & inclusive company in the industry. Our Employee Owners come from diverse cultures, backgrounds, genders, and sexualities, and they come with diverse thoughts, skillsets, and ideas.

Centra Windows installers training and developing at home renovation in BC

Investment in Training and Education

We’re committed to offering you the opportunity to learn exciting new skills, both with in-house training programs, formal education, and support in trade designations.

Centra Windows safety officer providing training for new installers

Growth Opportunities

We’re committed to growing your career and nurturing you however we can. We want to see you advance, and we want to see you try new things. We have a high rate of successful departmental crossovers, so if you want to try your hand at something new, we encourage you to ask!

Centra Windows team working together to learn and train about vinyl windows in BC

Health & Wellbeing

We’re committed to your health and wellbeing. This includes your physical, psychological, and financial wellness. You’re not a robot, and you shouldn’t be treated like one.

Extra! Extra! Read all about us...

There is so much more to our culture than we can fit on this one page. Check out some of our blogs to see more about our people and culture.

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We can talk windows allll day long…

Keep an eye on our blog, and soon you’ll be just as fluent in Window as we are!

Respect for All

“As a woman in construction, it’s important that I belong to a company which gives me respect, support, and equal opportunities. At Centra, I’ve been given the tools to break down the barriers many women face in a typically male-dominated industry. I am proud to be a part of a team that encourages us to grow without prejudice and celebrates our talents as individuals.” -Natalie Honey

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Become a Leader

"There are leaders in every team who take charge and have real impact; on the business, our people, and our customers every day. You are given the opportunity at Centra to lead if you are willing to take on the challenge. If you want experience and opportunity, you can find it here. Leading new teams, spearheading projects, owning a piece of the Centra evolution. Titles don’t always tell the whole tale." -Lana Gordin

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