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Centra Restorations,
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Langley, B.C.    V1M 3G1

To Whom It May Concern,

I am going to provide an account of the process we went through to have the southwest wall of our home repaired for water leakage and ‘rot’ that occurred over thirty- one years.

Nancy noticed Centra renovating the complex at Steveston Highway and Seventh Avenue in Richmond. She telephoned the number advertised and was fortunate to reach and be able to speak with the engineer who was overseeing the project. Nancy was impressed with his willingness to speak with her, his knowledge, his openness and his attention to detail.

Next, we met with Jeff Foster, Centra’s field representative. Jeff came to our home a few times to discuss the project. We had tried many avenues prior to speaking with Jeff. He spoke to us about materials, design, recognition of what might be beneath the original wall, new windows vs. proper installation of existing new windows, approximate cost.

We decided to contract with Centra. Bruce Paetkau was the overall on-site supervisor. We met Bruce through Jeff Foster once having decided to go ahead with the job. The job began June 17th,2013. The same three workmen remained on the job until completion. I liked that as we got to know them and I think they felt that they were working in a comfortable environment. For a time there was a fourth young man assisting with the job. All these employees worked hard, they arrived for work on time, they cleaned up well at day’s end, they were polite, they enjoyed each others company and they refrained from swearing. I valued the last point and told them specifically that I was extremely appreciative.

Of these on-site employees, Jacques seemed to be the key player. He explained a lot to Nancy and I in terms of the why and the how-to. He was personable, respectful and informed. As well, he kept in close contact with Bruce ( the ‘cell’ phone world ) as Bruce, I believe, had more than one project to oversee.

Bruce was very consistent in his supervisory role. He made sure the required materials were present, he helped un-load or take-a-way items. He checked the work being  done , offered opinion, gave direction and gave his workmen space to do their job. He was hands-on and appropriately hands-off. I think he chose and oversaw a very competent group that worked together and he let their competency flourish.

I would also mention that once the overall job was complete, Bruce returned at Nancy’s request to finish off a few of her concerns. Project completed July 4th, 2013. The sidewall looks great and most importantly it is withstanding a wet winter. No leaks!!!!!!!!

Thank you,

Lance and Nancy Carey

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