Cenergy 2700 / 2758 Tilt & Slide Patio Doors

The Cenergy 2700 Series Tilt & Slide Patio Door is one of the most technologically advanced patio doors available, that allows you the option of opening the sash by tilting in, or sliding over. The European multi-point locking hardware solution provides you with ventilation while hardware locks on all sides, making it resistant to tampering from the outside.

Premium Features

  • 100% Fusion-Welded Vinyl Frame and Sash Corners
  • Multi-Chamber Frames
  • Dual Weatherstripping 
  • Non-Obstructive Screen

Unique Features

  • Reinforced Steel Frame
  • Multiple Security Strikes and Lock Bolts 
  • Tilt & Turn Functionality 
  • Concealed hinge 

Additional Options

  • Integrated Brickmold Option, upgrade available to co-extruded brickmold series (2758).
  • Triple-Glazed Glass Option
  • Custom Colour

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