Eclipse Bifold Door

Living beyond walls, re-defining the Westcoast lifestyle.

The best of indoor and outdoor living come together in one custom built door system for your home. These high performance fibreglass doors with a top hung rolling system provide you with the option to expand your living space when occasion calls, while still providing complete weatherproofing and energy efficiency while closed. These clean, timeless and durable doors are built to last and operate with fingertip ease to open and close. Multi –point top and bottom flush mounted locks ensure your home remains secure.

Centra’s Eclipse Bifold doors are quality constructed to handle anything Westcoast weather can throw at them. We can help you find a solution for your home in both a new construction and renovation application with Centra’s completely customizable options.

Premium Features

  • Fibreglass door slab
  • State of the art drainable sill
  • Customizable configuration options

Unique Features

  • Top hung rolling system ensure it glides and folds smoothly and quietly with fingertip ease
  • Flush mounted security bolts create a secure home with a minimal lock profile

Additional Options

  • Custom Colour
  • Internal Mini blinds available in certain sizes

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