• What about my home alarm system?

    Centra will make every effort to reconnect alarm contacts to windows and doors upon completion of your renovation. Generally, we are successful; however, if we are unable for whatever reason we cannot accept responsibility for alarm systems and you will need to contact your alarm system company and arrange for reconnection of contacts. This way, they can reconnect your alarms to ensure it is operating following the installation.

  • How much can I expect to save on my heating bill when doing home improvements?

    On average, Centra customers report saving approximately 30% on their home heating costs. The amount you will actually save depends on the condition of your home, scope of improvements and your lifestyle. Centra uses “house as a system” principles when renovating your home, ensuring best possible performance of your new products.

  • How long does a typical Centra renovation take?

    One or two days. Although, larger projects will take longer. Centra can also add a window or door where one does not exist now.

  • I am worried that window replacement will damage my old stucco exterior? Is there any inside damage?

    Centra’s wide range of window trims and styles will ensure a finished product that looks “original” versus the “added on” look. With our guaranteed window installation technique there is no damage to the exterior of your home. Inside trims are added around the window to ensure a professional and finished look.

  • How does Centra install windows?

    Unlike companies who have a one size fits all solution, Centra is one of the few companies that uses three different window installation methods. The window installation method will depend on your home’s exterior siding and the type of frame of your old windows. Centra’s certification as a building envelope contractor ensures that your window installation will not compromise your home in relation to water leaks and cold drafts.

  • Do you offer volume discounts?

    We definitely do. The more windows that you order, the better your discount will be.

  • Why is it recommended to let Centra do the installation?

    Centra is a building envelope specialist with 30+ years of experience. When we install the windows, it’s a group of Centra installers that’s doing the work, not contractors. The vast majority of window failures occur because of poor installation - for that reason, you would receive a lifetime warranty with your windows – this is a true life-time, so as long as you’re living in the home, you’re 100% covered on the seal, frame, and installation of the windows.

  • What is the difference between Supply Only & Supply and Install?

    SO is short for Supply Only, and that’s when we just supply the windows. S&I is short for Supply and Install, so that would be when we supply and install the windows for you.

  • What is the delay between the purchase and the final installation?

    It depends on the time of the year that you’re purchasing, and the region that you’re in, but it’s normally within 6-8 weeks from the date of purchase.

  • What if my measurement of the windows/patio doors is wrong?

    Not to worry, all orders that we install require a re-measure visit to ensure all of the dimensions are correct, and that you meet all building standards for the locations & usage of that window. You know how the old saying goes “Measure Twice – Cut Once!”

  • Is your entire catalogue available online?

    Actually it isn’t! Because each window we produce is custom we do not have a “traditional’ catalogue. What we are offering online is a selection of our most popular products and variations. Call us at 1-888-534-333 we can help you get what you need.

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