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Coast Bastion Hotel

“The city of Nanaimo is so excited that the Coast Bastion Hotel is getting an upgrade. This hotel is the cornerstone of the city. It has a legacy and Centra Windows should be celebrating this project. The challenges they conquered were amazing and what they did to the Coast Bastion Hotel is special.” Centra Windows upgraded the windows for the legendary Coast Bastion Hotel in Nanaimo. Our industry-leading professionals are installed 270 windows, all while the hotel is operating at full capacity.Watch highlights from the project and hear from the GM of the hotel speak about the Centra Experience. 

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Imperial Towers

1255 Bidwell Street, Vancouver

Imperial Towers is a 26-storey high-rise apartment building located in Vancouver and contains 208 rental units. The building required an exterior building restoration and energy upgrades including new vinyl windows and sliding doors.  

Imperial Towers Blog Post Pt. 1

Imperial Towers Blog Post Pt. 2

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Wedgewood Estates

2829 Arbutus Road, Victoria

This 133-unit gated community boasts million-dollar views, separated into groups of townhomes. Work included the removal and renovation of brand new Centra windows and patio doors.  

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Lakewood Greens

8560 162 St, Surrey

"We didn’t have one bad experience. Every unit was done professionally and they went above and beyond. Every homeowner is so happy with the transformation. They couldn’t believe the difference in the quality of life, especially during the summer and winter seasons." Strata Council Member of the Lakewood Greens Anthony Polegato speaks about his experience working alongside Centra Windows. Our team installed 1050 windows and 80 patio doors for all 78 units in this beautiful multifamily complex in Surrey. Watch the testimonial video from the Strata Council Member!

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St. Andrews Manor

4353 W Saanich Road, Victoria

68 New windows, as well as targeted cladding repair. Job had to be especially sensitive to tenants who are housed byVincent St. De Paul and are said to be seniors “at risk”.

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Mayfair Village

Vancouver Island

58 Balconies stripped of wood railing, divider walls and deck surface. Many floor joist decayed causing safety concern for owners use. After replacement of all water damaged joist, the balconies were properly sloped away from the building. New Centra sliding glass doors were installed.

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Livingstone House Care

5129 Cambie Street, Vancouver

The Livingstone House Care project was new construction of a six-story building. The building was LEED gold certifed. During construction, there was an acoustical glazing upgraded added to Cambie Street elevations. Preserve coding was included. A total of 478 windows were supplied.

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Shorewood House

562 Rithet Street, Victoria

The Centra Construction Group installed 78 Windows and 24 Patio Doors for the Shorewood House in Victoria. The entire job had asbestos containing Stucco which was removed under stringent Safe work Procedures. Supervised by an external Asbestos monitoring Company.

This work was completed by our own forces who are trained in this discipline. The crew has been excellent and dealt with some difficult Hazmat conditions. There are 21 dwelling units on site. Each balcony was completely redone with new PVC Membranes. Guard walls were removed and new Aluminum Glass railings installed.

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Domego Housing Co-op

2950 Heather Street, Vancouver

Domego is a well managed co-op low-rise located near Vancouver General Hospital. This 29 year old housing complex required a full building envelope remediation of all 41 units.

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Glenmore Fountains

2200 Gordon Dr, Kelowna

“We knew our windows were failing. We began to look at the cost analysis and it made sense to replace the windows. We brought in three companies and got quotes but we were really impressed by Centra’s presentation, loved their product, the installation process, and the lifetime warranty.” Collen Groat is the Strata President for Glenmore Fountains in Kelowna, B.C.

She led the project for the residents and decided it was time to upgrade the windows. The residents were dealing with multiple issues, including condensation, noise control and most importantly, extreme temperatures. Our team is so happy to have played an integral role in the transformation of this multi-family complex in Kelowna. The Centra crew installed 392 Windows, 32 Sliding Doors and 32 Swing doors for all 32 units.

Watch our testimonial from the Strata President! 

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Acadia on the Walk


Acadia on the Walk is a rental building owned by Crowne Pacific Construction located in Courtenay. It cosists of two 4-storey buildings. Centra installed sliding windows and sliding patio doors. Centra’s sliding products contain two metal locks and brass rollers, which will provide extra durability from years of use from various renters at Acadia. Centra’s Preserve Protective Film helped avoid scratches and damage while transporting the products, and saved time cleaning after installation.

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Photo of Centra completed project Acadia on the Walk in Courtenay British Columbia.



Burleigh Walk

Port Coquitlam

Burleigh Walk is Port Coquitlam’s newest upscale condominium building, built by Unimet Homes. Fibre cement siding mixed with touches of cedar shake siding give textured warmth to this otherwise modern style building, while trendy painted vinyl windows add extra visual interest to the angled exterior walls. Window trims were not needed as the owner selected the Centra Experience Series hybrid window.

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Centra provided the Fibre cement siding, and the windows used were our Experience series window. Image of Burleigh Walk project in Port Coquitlam.

David Wetherow Housing Coop

1579 West 71st Ave, Vancouver

Completion: May 2009

DESCRIPTION: Removed stucco and provided extensive decay repair. Supply and install new Centra windows and doors. Installed stucco and Hardie plank on rainscreen system. Installed new railings, flashings, glass canopies over decks, metal bridge and installed new concrete wheelchair accessibility ramps.

Centra installed new windows and doors as well as installed Hardie plank siding at the David Wetherow Housing Coop in Vancouver.

Wedgewood Estates

Centra is happy to have played a vital role in the transformation of this beautiful 133 unit multifamily complex in Victoria. Our team installed 516 Windows and 47 Patio Doors over a six month period. The lead of the window replacement project at the Wedgewood Estates, Jay Fray illustrates his experience with Centra. He breaks down the benefits and explains the key components that make Centra stand out above the rest! Fray breaks down the benefits and explains the key components that make Centra stand out above the rest.

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Green Gables

4885 – 53 Street, Delta

All 3 buildings in this complex underwent a complete envelope remediation with extensive decay repair. Despite the additional work required, the schedule was maintained and work was completed on time. The finish features Centra’s Experience Series painted windows and vinyl siding throughout. Watch a few highlights and learn more about this project!

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Darwin Hayward, Centra’s site superintendent, who is very knowledgeable and efficient at his work. I would not hesitate in recommending Centra to any Strata or other company that requires extensive work to be done on their property.”

Inti Housing Co-Operative

1675 Cypress Street, Vancouver

Completion: May 2008

DESCRIPTION: Complete stucco removal, extensive decay repairs. Supply and installed Centra windows, Hardie plank, Hardie panel and rainscreen system. Ceraclad installed along with new glass canopy in commercial space. Complete new roof installed, new railings and new deck membranes.

Photo of Inti Housing Co-Operative in Vancouver where Centra completeed stucco removal, decay repairs, and installed our new windows and much more.

Landmark Monterey

2333 Triumph Street, Vancouver

This project received all new Centra Experience Series windows, a complete new roof, exterior cladding (Hardie panel finish), and balconies with glass railings. The building had extensive decay repair required, and all the asbestos was dealt with by Centra’s own trained in house crews.

“We had an excellent working relationship and he was respected and well-liked by his workers and our strata members. I was impressed with Drew’s hard work and building knowledge and believe he was instrumental in re-designing and re-building our poorly designed old and rotted roof.”

The Landmark Monterey project in Vancouver received new Centra windows, a new roof, Hardie panel, and glass railings.

Landmark Monterey II

2333 Triumph Street, Vancouver

This project received all new Centra Experience Series windows, a complete new roof, exterior cladding (Hardie panel finish), and balconies with glass railings. The building had extensive decay repair required, and all the asbestos was dealt with by Centra’s own trained in house crews.

“Centra’s regular scheduled [on site] meetings with council were very informative and the communication throughout the entire process was excellent.”

Second image of the Landmark Monterey project which received new Centra windows, a new roof, and more. Asbestos removal was also done by Centra.

Lu’ma Native Housing Society

225 North Templeton Drive, Vancouver

This job started out as a small target repair and rapidly grew to a complete building envelope remediation. All elevations and stucco were replaced with Hardie, featuring Centra windows throughout and new Patio Doors, balconies and railings.

“We found the entire crew, including you, Matt Tilstra – Project Manager, and Bruce Paetkau – Site Supervisor, very professional and adept in quality of work performed, communicating thoroughly with all parties, scheduling management and adherence to safety policies & procedures.”

Centra completed the building envelope remediation project at Lu'ma Native Housing Society in Vancouver.

Mariner Mews

1040 & 1060 E Broadway, Vancouver

Completion: November 2007

DESCRIPTION: Removed stucco and cedar siding. Complete new roofing system installed. Installed vinyl siding on rainscreen system. Supply and installed new Centra windows and new railings.

Image of the Centra completed project, Mariner Mews.

Pacific Terrace

3615 West 17 Avenue, Vancouver

With residential living space over commercial business locations, these projects are challenging to maintain access and not impact businesses negatively. The job was completed on schedule, and features Centra windows with a new stucco finish.

“Although our building turned out to have more hidden rot damage than estimated by our consultants, Centra was able to expand their scope of work resulting in only minimal delays to the overall progress of the project”


UBC Vancouver

Prodigy is a new development by Adera at UBC South Campus in Vancouver. The project consists of two 6-storey wood-frame buildings with a total of 105 units. Adera is a new client to Centra and wanted to take advantage of the cost savings a orded by the integrated brick-mold design of the Experiences Series frame pro les.

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Image of the UBC new development in Vancouver called Prodigy.   Centra supplied our Experience series for this project.

Residence Bouthot

123 Laval Street, Coquitlam

Completion: April 2009

DESCRIPTION: Complete stucco removal. Partial roofing replacement. Installed vinyl siding on rainscreen system. Supply and install new Centra windows and new railings.

Image of Centra completed residence project in Coquitlam.

Riverside Elementary School

20575 Thorne Ave, Maple Ridge

Completion: December 2008

DESCRIPTION: Removed stucco. Conducted extensive mould rehabilitation working with environmental consultants. Replaced decayed wood from structure. Installed new roofing, replaced stucco and installed new windows. Work was conducted under time constraints to ensure classrooms were ready in time for school. Working with environmental consultant, mould was kept from entering occupied areas during remedial work and project was completed on time.

Centra completed the renovation project at Riverside Elementary school in Maple Ridge.

Sandborne Woods

Sherwood Manor

7175 – 134 Street, Surrey

This 3 story apartment building was a targeted window and balcony replacement job, featuring new Centra windows throughout. This job was completed with 100% with Centra’s own trained crews.

“Site supervisor Andrew Andersen and his crew were found to be professional, diligent and tactful. They made an unsettling time palatable.”

Image of Sherwood Manor in Surrey. A Centra project that featured new windows and balcony replacement done completely by Centra crews.

Sixth Estates

2201 – 2251 Oak Street, 2201 – 2256 Spruce Street, 1030 – 1090 West 6th Avenue, Vancouver

These buildings underwent a complete building envelope repair, featuring a full stucco replacement, all new windows and some balcony work. From the many different elevations, to all of the nooks and crannies, this project presented many challenges along the way, but came out above and beyond expectations.

“The experience I had with Centra was very good and that in every aspect of the project, the strata was provided with backing documentation on any change orders and kept well informed of any changes and potential issues relative to the project.”

“It’s been a pleasure dealing these last months with a nice guy who very much knows his stuff. Based on Centra’s and Mr. Demeter’s performance during our project, I recommend them to restoration project owners.”

Spring Ridge Townhomes


Spring Ridge is located in Burnaby and features 57 townhomes. Centra’s ability to supply and install its own windows allowed the completion of 780 windows and patio doors within a 2 month period. The existing brown windows were changed to white, reducing the amount of nishing materials and subsequently lowering the cost.

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Centra supplied the windows and patio doors for Spring Ridge Townhomes in Burnaby British Columbia.



Summertree consists of 8 housing blocks, 50 units and a clubhouse. Centra will be repairing and replacing the current builing envelope and cedar siding with Tyvek and Hardie board. Centra’s Experience Series products will o er longevity and reduced overall maintenance for the owners.

Featured Job Details

Centra worked on the Summertree project in Coldstream providing Hardie Board siding.

Sunset Point

2960 Steveston Highway, Richmond

This housing co-op was a complete cladding and windows replacement project. Featuring all new vinyl siding, as well as Centra Windows and Patio Doors throughout. This job was completed with 100% with Centra’s own trained crews.

“We were satisfied with our choice of Centra Restorations and found them experienced and reliable. The Centra staff was consistently friendly, hard-working and obliging. They had good relations with the co-op members.”

The Carlton

1550 SW Marine Drive, Vancouver

This project was a targeted building envelope remediation, featuring Centra windows, new balconies with glass railings and a stucco finish.

“It’s our pleasure, to recommend Centra Restorations on future Restoration projects. Centra and their staff were very knowledgeable, friendly and provided quality workmanship.”

The Gilligan

2368 Welcher Ave, Coquitlam

Completion: October 2008

DESCRIPTION: Complete stucco removal and decay repair. Supply and installed new Centra windows, vinyl siding and vinyl shake on rainscreen system. New decks, deck membranes, new railings were installed. Ground floor water proofing was installed.

Image of The Gilligan project in Coquitlam. This job done by Centra included new windows, siding and more.

The Grove


The Grove is a multi-family development located in the Sullivan Heights area of Surrey. Stained cedar shake and fresh white siding paired with Centra’s Experience Series vinyl windows in white gives The Grove a unique traditional charm. Navy shutters complete the fresh exterior look, which is carried through to the interior design.

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Image of The Grove, a multi family development project in Surrey that Centra worked on.

Victoria Park

8080 & 8100 Jones Road, Richmond

Completion: December 2009

DESCRIPTION: Complete vinyl siding and cedar shake removal. Supply and install Centra windows, railings, deck membranes. Partial re-roofing. Re-install vinyl siding and cedar shakes on rainscreen system. Ground floor water-proofing.

Victoria Park project in Richmond, where Centra supplied and installed windows, railings, deck membranes. Installed vinyl siding and more.

Woodrow Lane


Woodrow Lane is located in Langley and features 13 townhomes with an open concept and large oor plan. Its traditional exterior design is complemented by the neutral siding colors and muted blue doors, and no window trims were needed on the side and rear elevation as the owner selected the Centra Experience Series window.

Featured Job Details

Centra installed our Experience Series windows in the Woodrow Lane project located in Langley.

Domego Housing Co-op

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