Green Gables

March 14, 2014

To whom it may concern;

Recently, our Strata, Green Gables, had Centra Restorations Ltd. of Langley, BC complete an extensive restoration on our buildings. Green Gables is a 65 unit Strata consisting of three buildings and is located in Ladner, BC. The initial project included removing all the stucco and replacing it with rain-screened vinyl siding as well as replacing all the windows and sliding patio doors. During the demolition phase of the project extensive rot was found which necessitated the replacement of much plywood and a number of beams and joists. Also, the decks of many of the balconies were found to have a lot of rot in them which required the rebuilding of all the balcony decks.

This of course meant that the initial time estimate for the job could not be met, however, we were happy with the time it took to do the job considering the extra work required over and above the initial contract.

The owners and tenants got along very well with the Centra staff and our Council always heard good comments from them about this and how friendly the Centra staff were. Centra communicated well with the owners with respect to what was happening both verbally and with posting notices of the scheduled work.

The quality of work done by Centra was very good and their co-operation with our engineering company was excellent.

This became a huge project for our Strata and Centra's co-operation with dealing with the extras and the sensitivity they showed knowing how it was affecting our budget was deeply appreciated.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Darwin Hayward, Centra's site superintendent, who is very knowledgeable and efficient at his work.

I would not hesitate in recommending Centra to any Strata or other company that requires extensive work to be done on their property.


Bill Dodd

Green Gables Strata Council

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