Entry doors are the main focal point for your home’s curb appeal. When upgrading to a new door, there are many different styles and options to choose from. Your entry door should be a reflection of your home, and your personal style.

Check out these 5 steps which will direct you in choosing the right door for your home:

  1. Size & Function

    It is important to have the proper dimensions of your door; this will narrow down the styles you can choose from. Is it a single door, double door, or a door with enough room for sidelites?

    • To measure your entry door you will measure the width of the opening (edge of frame to edge of frame) in 3 places and record the smallest measurement.
    • Then you will measure from the base of the top of the frame to the floor on the left and right and record the smallest measurement for the height.
    • Next take a look at your door from the outside. Does it swing in or out? Is it left hand or right hand?
  2. Style

    You want to pick a door that reflects the overall style of your home. Centra has many different styles of doors to choose from. Whether it is a craftsman, contemporary, heritage, modern, or colonial home we will have the right style for you!

  3. Glass

    We offer an extensive line of designs to choose from. Pick the style configuration for your slab, and then select a style of glass which will give you the overall look and privacy you’re going for.

  4. Paint or Stain

    Whether you’re going for a natural wood grain look, a flat pop of color, or a sleek classic black, Centra has it all! With our own paint booth at our factory we can paint or stain your door any color you desire! With a wide variety to choose from in house, or if you prefer choosing a custom color.

  5. Hardware

    There are two options; you can either purchase hardware directly through Centra or we can provide you with a pre-drilled slab to install your own hardware. Centra entry doors are compatible with all Weiser hardware. We suggest checking out their website to choose the style that suits you best and have our door shop do all the work for you!

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