Landmark Monterey

 March 13, 2014

 To Whom it May Concern:

 Re:  Centra Restorations

 It is my pleasure to recommend Centra Restorations for any building restoration project.  Centra was our restoration contractor for our 35-year old stucco building which was long overdue for rot repair.  This project began in May 2012 and was completed in January 2013.

The Site Supervisor assigned to this project was Andrew Demeter.  As I was our building’s liaison with Centra, I was in constant contact with Drew regarding the ongoing progress, owners’ issues, notices to owners, etc. We had an excellent working relationship and he was respected and well-liked by his workers and our strata members.  I was impressed with Drew’s hard work and building knowledge and believe he was instrumental in re-designing and re-building our poorly designed old and rotted roof.

Centra was able to attain a timeline much shorter than we expected because of all the building issues that were discovered.  There were many difficult problems in this building, but the “before and after” photos will show that we ended up with a beautiful, new-looking building that was within our budget and everyone is extremely happy with. Sincerely, Sandra Baker Landmark Monterey Strata Council VR333


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