Lead Hand Windows Installer

Hey! Does this sound like you?

You’re a skilled tradesman. You have experience in home renovations, window and door installations, siding installation, drywall and framing. You are confident in your skills as a carpenter and you are a leader. People look up to you and ask for your guidance. You know that a renovation company would be lucky to have you lead their crews. Well – we want to be the lucky one.

What’s the job?

You’ll be putting your carpentry skills to work installing windows, patio doors, and exterior doors in single family and multifamily homes while providing top notch customer service and working as a close knit team. We’re looking for experienced carpenters and there is room for advancement to leadership positions. The job tasks can be summed up as:

  • Window/door installation
  • Framing and decay repair
  • Caulking and foaming
  • Installing interior and exterior trim
  • Sheathing and papering
  • Be comfortable working with heights and scaffolding
  • General labour

Some qualifications/assets you'll need to have:

  • Must have Carpenter experience (2+ Years)
  • Window & Door Installation Experience a strong asset
  • Siding installation experience a strong asset

Who are we?

OWN IT! It’s on the back of all of our shirts. This is because Centra is 100% Employee Owned and we believe in owning our actions and promises. We manufacture our own windows (hello, Canadian made!), we install our own products (no third parties here!), and we have been in business for over 35 years. We have had a lot of practice getting it right – that’s why we have the best warranty. “Where customers become family” is our slogan – and we mean it.

    What are the perks?

    • We want you to grow: Not only do we have the resources to grow and invest in you but we also have the heart to do it. We’re passionate about investing in people we believe in
    • We want to pay you your worth: Without your expertise and craftsmanship Centra can’t grow – we understand that and we want to pay you your worth!

    How is Centra weathering the COVID-19 storm?

    Check out our Youtube Page, “Centra Windows” to watch the video on how we’re keeping you and our customers safe during COVID19.

    Check us out:

    Don’t forget to visit us on Facebook (Centra Windows), and Instagram @Centrawindows to find out about more about who we are. We want to know what you think and if we’re the right fit for you.


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