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Like so many of our customers in the past, you'll be eager to tell your friends about your new Centra Windows and the difference they've made to your home. Luckily we have a great referral program, so when you recommend Centra we both see the benefits! Each time you do, you can get $200 cashback!

At Centra, we understand how much happy customers contribute to our success. When they go out of their way to recommend us to others, we want to show our gratitude. That’s why we came up with the Centra friends and family referral program. For every referral you make that turns into a sale, we will give you $200 cashback. You just have to make sure your referral is registered prior to your friend or family member meeting with the Centra representative, and once they sign their window installation contract we will send you the money in the mail as a thank you!

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