Manufacturing is a vital part of Centra Windows and who we are. We don’t just sell and install windows; we make them. Thanks to the experience and knowledge we’ve gained over almost four decades, we manufacture the best windows in BC.

We manufacture the windows we install

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We are Window Geeks at our core

The Centra Windows headquarters are located in Langley, BC, and our manufacturing plant is unlike any other. Here, your windows are not just made, they’re also put through intense testing to ensure they’re good enough for you. Our team works with exceptional skill to exceed expectations and craft the perfect windows. At Centra, we keep everything in-house. From marketing all the way through to distribution and installation, it’ll be Centra Employee Owners doing the work. This has resulted in products of the highest quality and standards for BC home and business owners, but none of this would be possible without our incredible manufacturing team. We are forever grateful for the Employee Owners on the plant floor. Their hard work and determination to exceed expectations is the reason for Centra’s success.

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There’s no better way to understand what difference our windows will make to your home than by seeing them in action. Dive into our inspiration gallery to get an idea of the amazing work our Window Geeks have been doing!

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