Strata & Property Managers

Are you a strata member looking to do repairs on your condominium or townhouse complex?

Our Centra Restorations division specializes in working on occupied multi-unit buildings. We perform services such as window replacement in existing siding to full building envelope remediation, such as leaky condo restoration. Refer to our feature jobs map for examples of projects that we have worked on. Centra understands the desire for Strata’s and property managers to develop buildings with less maintenance requirements. We offer several window and door products that eliminate the need to add exterior sealant and trim that will require future maintenance. Contact a Centra representative to Request a quote.

Have you heard about Centra's Experience Series window?

A finalist for a 2012 Georgie Award for Best Innovative Feature, this hybrid window eliminates the need for costly building and maintenance materials. Watch this video to learn how the Experience Series can benefit your project.


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