Would you like to have your windows open a little wider, but still want the security of your Night Locks?

Follow these few simple steps to get all the fresh air you need!

  • Check to make sure your Night Lock is working in the closed position
  • Open the window to create a 3” air space opening, checking the measurement with a tape measure
  • Using a pencil, make a small mark on the Window Track where you would like to drill the secondary Night Lock hole
  • Do not drill the hole with the Window Track in place, as you only want to go through the first layer of the Window Frame.
  • Going through any more of the Window Frame will compromise the frame and could result in damage from Water and/or Insects

To remove the window:

  • Slide the Window all the way over in the track
  • Using one hand on each side, pull the Window up into the top of the Frame
  • Pop the bottom of the Window out of the Frame
  • Pull the top of the Window down and out of the Frame and set it aside in a secure location where it will not fall over and get damaged

To remove the track:

  • On one end of the Window Track, gently slide a Flat Pry Bar between the Window Frame and Track and it will pop out easily and you will be able to pull the rest of the track out quite easily

Once the window track is removed:

  • Place the Window Track on the ground
  • Using the pencil mark made on the Window Track earlier as your guide, take a power drill with a 5/16” drill bit and drill out the hole at a 90 degree angle

Additional Tips:

To reinstall the track into the Window Frame:

  • Simply insert it tightly into one end of the Window frame and snap it back into place from one end to the other

To reinstall the Window into the Frame:

  • Using one hand on each side of the Sealed Unit, insert the top of the unit into the Window Frame
  • Swing the bottom into place and gently push it down and back into place
  • Open and close the Window to ensure it is sliding properly, and test the Night Lock in both positions to ensure it is operating correctly

Tools Required:

  • Tape measure
  • Pencil to mark window track
  • Flat pry bar
  • Power drill with 5/16” drill bit
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