When you need to install a new Window Screen Tab, follow these few simple steps for easy installation.

Remove the screen from the Window Frame.

If you are unsure how, please refer to these videos for proper instructions: How to Remove a Screen in an Awning Style Window (Push Out) How to Remove a Screen in a Casement Window (Roto or Crank)

  • Lie the Window Screen flat on a table or another hard surface
  • Use a pick (or another small pointy object) to pull the Spline cord out of the frame
  • Slowly and carefully pull the Screen mesh away from the Frame
  • Take new Screen Tab and clip it into the existing Frame
  • Gently push the Screen & Spline back into place in the Frame of the Window Screen
  • Use a roller to tuck everything tightly back into the Frame
  • Make sure you get the Screen Mesh in tight around the new Screen Tab, so that you don’t pull it out when you reinstall the Screen into the Window Frame
Tools Required:
  • Pick with Screwdriver Handle
  • Screen Tab
  • Roller
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