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Image of the Centra Windows installation vehicles lined up at the loading bay of our Langley manufacturing plant.

Upgrading your home based on the lowest price is not recommended by most consumer experts. In many cases, the lowest price in window replacement could very well give you the highest cost later on in terms of operation, maintenance and service. When selecting your home improvement company, choose a company that takes the time to explain the entire process, not just the price.

Window Replacement For Your Home Renovation

Many companies, these days, change product suppliers regularly and offer to arrange your window installation through a third party subcontractor. Make sure that you are comfortable that any company that you allow to work on your home can back every claim they make, including liability insurance and workers compensation coverage. You may be surprised to find that many subcontractors carry neither.

At Centra, we don’t take any risks with your home; we are fully insured and covered by the Workers Compensation Board. Our windows and doors installers must pass written industry testing along with field performance of thousands of product installations before they are Centra certified for your window installation. This ensures consistently high quality installation for your home which is backed by our lifetime warranty.

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Windows & Doors Installation FAQ

Q: How does Centra install windows?

A: Unlike companies who have a one size fits all solution, Centra is one of the few companies that uses three different window installation methods. The window installation method will depend on your home’s exterior siding and the type of frame of your old windows. Centra’s certification as a building envelope contractor ensures that your window installation will not compromise your home in relation to water leaks and cold drafts.

Q: I am worried that window replacement will damage my old stucco exterior? Is there any inside damage?

A: Centra’s wide range of window trims and styles will ensure a finished product that looks “original” versus the “added on” look. With our guaranteed window installation technique there is no damage to the exterior of your home. Inside trims are added around the window to ensure a professional and finished look.

Q: Are there any Government Grants available for window replacements?

A: No, there are currently no government grants available for windows.

Q: How long does a typical Centra renovation take?

A: One or two days. Although, larger projects will take longer. Centra can also add a window or door where one does not exist now. Bay and bow window conversions are also another option available.

Q: How much can I expect to save on my heating bill when doing home improvements?

A: On average, Centra customers report saving approximately 30% on their home heating costs. The amount you will actually save depends on the condition of your home, scope of improvements and your lifestyle. Centra uses “house as a system” principles when renovating your home, ensuring best possible performance of your new products.

Q: What about my home alarm system?

A: Centra will make every effort to reconnect alarm contacts to windows and doors upon completion of your renovation. Generally, we are successful; however, if we are unable for whatever reason we cannot accept responsibility for alarm systems and you will need to contact your alarm system company and arrange for reconnection of contacts.

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