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We are bringing back the popular contest from last Spring ‘Win an Entry Door’ on our Facebook page until November 15th Anyone can win in 3 easy step;

Welcome to Centra Joyce!

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A warm welcome to Joyce (middle) to the production team!

A Beautiful Kitchen Pass-Through Window with Flawless Functionality

Often during the remodeling process customers know exactly what designs and products they want to incorporate into their home, but do not always know if it can be made or where to find it.

Getting Triple Glazed Performance out of Double Glazing

Over the last several years we have seen the energy requirements for windows and doors increase.  These changes are across the board.  From the BC Building Code adding Section 9.36 – Energy Requirements, to the City of Vancouver with its U1.4 requirement, updated Energy Star  criteria, and the discussion of future stretch codes which will challenge the market even more.

The Importance of Product Quality

For some, buying a home will be their most expensive purchase in their lifetime. Whether you decide to build or buy pre-owned, the products you choose to renovate or build with in your home directly affects the value and comfort of your home, its energy efficiency and resale value. If you think of your home as an investment, then it’s important to consider factors other than just price while selecting products.  Cutting corners to save a few dollars may not get the results you want.


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