How to Adjust a Patio Door

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Is your patio door rubbing on the frame?

Fixing this issue shouldn’t be hard. Follow these steps to make adjustments by raising or lowering your patio door.

Balancing – Raising or lowering your patio door

At the bottom of the patio door frame you should find two screws on both the front and back of the sliding door. The top screw holds the wheels in place and the bottom screw adjusts the door up and down.

To prevent the patio door rubbing on the frame, use a Robertson screwdriver to adjust the bottom screw on each side of the sliding door to raise or lower each side to a level position so that only the wheels are riding on the frame and not the door itself. To raise the door, tighten the bottom screw by turning clockwise. To lower the door, loosen the bottom screw by turning counterclockwise.

Top Tip: To ensure the door is balanced correctly, use a spirit level on the lip of the door.

To adjust the wheels on the back side of a patio door, follow the directions above to adjust the bottom screw in order to raise or lower that side of the door. If you have a security foot lock, there are two screws that will need to be removed with a Robertson screwdriver to expose the screws on the frame underneath.

Once your patio door is balanced, simply put it back together by replacing the security foot lock (if applicable).

Top Tip: Be sure to test the security foot lock to make sure it is locking properly.

If you have any issues with the foot lock after putting it back together, there are easy fixes. If the lock is not catching in the hole, simply loosen the two screws and adjust the foot lock up or down. Make sure the screws in the foot lock are not overly tightened as that can pinch the lock and cause it not to work.

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