Centra's Safety Program

We follow WorkSafe BC’s best practices in regards to safety and take all action to ensure our workers are safe on the job. Click here to read the WorkSafe Bulletin on asbestos hazards!

Making sure that our staff are safe while at work is of the utmost importance. Centra is focused on following WCB Safety Rules & Regulations to keep all of our employees safe in the workplace. Centra achieved COR Certification in 2010 and continues to practice the highest levels of safety protocols to remain COR Certified. Centra’s Safety Program and Injury Management Programs are evaluated yearly by internal or external safety audits. Centra companies all successfully passed each element of the Work Safe BC/BCCSA COR Program and remain COR Certified in 2019. Centra invests thousands of dollars every year on better CSA approved equipment for our employees, safer upgraded machinery and safety training to better educate our employees. We have great programs in place at Centra to reward staff that go above and beyond to keep themselves and those around them safe at all times.

Centra’s Safety Officer is an Internal Safety Auditor with the BCCSA COR Program and completes annual in-house Safety Audits. In addition to our regular in-house Safety & Toolbox Meetings, he also does WHMIS training and visits each of Centra Construction Group’s worksites to ensure we are in proper compliance with WCB rules and regulations, and to bring in new WCB regulations that apply on our jobsites. As a Level 3 First Aid attendant with over 16 years experience, he is familiar with procedures and has ensured each department at Centra has a First Aid attendant on shift at all times by putting over 50 employees through Level 1 First Aid training. Centra is proactive in our training, with qualified in-house trainers for forklifts and narrow aisle forklifts, as well as aerial manlifts and scissor lifts. To exceed health and safety regulations, Centra has 10 staff members fully certified in asbestos awareness and moderate risk asbestos removal, as well as 8 staff certified in lead paint awareness and removal procedures. Centra also has a successful Return To Work Program for our employees, which is managed by our Safety Officer with guidance from Teks Med Services.

Centra’s large investment in safety adds up to a safer work environment and is a culture throughout the company which in turn creates a safe environment for our customers.


What is the Certificate of Recognition (COR)?

The Certificate of Recognition (COR) recognizes and rewards employers who go beyond the legal requirements of the Workers Compensation Act and the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation by taking a best practices approach to implementing health, safety, and return-to-work (RTW) management systems. The program promotes equally the concept of managing health and safety with other components necessary for a successful business.

Image of Centra Construction Group LTD's certificate of Recognition for Health and Safety.


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