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The beauty of Centra Windows is that once we’ve made your custom products at our local manufacturing facility, our team of Employee ...
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Window Installation Experts

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Not all installations are created equal.

When it comes to high-performance windows and doors, installation procedures are just as important as the product. As both an energy upgrade and building envelope contractor as well as a manufacturer, Centra is the most qualified to get this right. No other window company carries both of these credentials, and it means we’re able to keep a high level of standards. You won’t see our team rushing because they’re eager to get to the next job – they take their time to make sure your project is perfect. Our approach to installation is also what allows us to provide our industry-leading, 30-year warranty, which speaks to the incredible confidence we have in our products and the Employee Owners that made them. When our install team comes to upgrade your windows, you’ll see why Centra are renowned for our service.

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There’s no better way to understand what difference our windows will make to your home than by seeing them in action. Dive into our inspiration gallery to get an idea of the amazing work our Window Geeks have been doing!

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