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Colour Options

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Why limit yourself? Whether you like black, white, or something completely unique you can get any colour and dramatically increase the curb appeal of your ...
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Windows in any colour your heart desires


Classic White

Tried and true. White vinyl windows have been popular for a long time and they show no sign of going out of fashion. White windows are considered the standard and there is a reason so many people select this colour. They provide a clean, subtle look, and they don’t detract from other architectural features if there is something else you’d like to be a focal point.


ColourShield Black

These aren’t just any old black windows. Centra’s ColourShield black isn’t achieved by painting white vinyl, the colour is actually molecularly bonded with the vinyl frame for exceptional resilience. ColourShield black is a popular choice at Centra and we’re so confident in ColourShield technology that we back it with our industry-leading warranty.


Custom Colours

Feel like something a little (or a lot) different? If you want to introduce some unique style to your home, our windows can do that for you. We can match any colour to achieve your dream look. You don’t have to feel constrained by the traditional. The limit is your imagination, and our Window Geeks can make it a reality!

ColourShield Black Vinyl

1. Molecular bond for unparalleled finish and durability 2. Fade protected frames for longevity 3. Comes in a range of styles to suit your home 4. More cost-effective than custom painted options 5. Sleek black design for added curb appeal

Inspiration from our collections

Explore our inspiration gallery and see how our customers have used colour to elevate the look of their homes.

Custom Paint Options

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