Victoria Complex inspired by 90's sitcom Friends

A stunning new complex in Victoria is making headlines and it features brand new ColourShield Centra Windows.Inspired by the love shown in the infamous 90's sitcom Friends, Ross Terrace by Aryze... Read More

By rdesai - March 31, 2021
Centra Windows Victoria Strata Experts Aryze Developments

How to deal with Asbestos during Home Renovations

Have you ever wondered what to do if you encounter asbestos in your home? More and more people have been tackling home renovation projects during the pandemic and we would like to share what you need... Read More

By rdesai - March 31, 2021
COVID 19 Centra Windows and CTV Vancouver

Window performance in a West Coast climate

Strong storms that bring heavy rain and gusty winds are a reality of West Coast living. Our latest segment with CTV explores tips on dealing with leaks and the effectiveness of windows during a winter... Read More

By rdesai - February 28, 2021
Centra Windows Energy Code British Columbia Strata Experts

Sustainable and affordable housing with West Coast Container Homes

Centra Windows has teamed up with a local company that repurposes new and used shipping containers to create simple, affordable and sustainable living spaces. West Coast Container Homes is based in... Read More

By rdesai - January 31, 2021
Centra Windows and West Coast Container Homes Sustainable Housing

Vancouver's Profile of Excellence features Centra Windows

A “people first” model is the key to building a business legacy that lasts. In addition to home improvement, Centra Windows has been in the business of people for over 35 years. “We’re not in the... Read More

By rdesai - January 31, 2021
Vancouver Profile of Excellence Centra Windows


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