Lift & Slide Patio Doors

Lift and slide patio slider doors make a great addition to any home, offering a seamless path between your indoor and outdoor spaces. These sliding doors are a popular choice due to their ease of use, quality construction, energy efficiency, and stylish designs. If you're looking for patio doors with great longevity yet still feel ultra-light and glide open, then Centra Windows is the right place for you.

Premium features


Top-hung for ease of movement


Corrosion-resistant tandem wheels


Anodized aluminum sill cover


LoE glazing


Triple-point locking mechanism


These high-performance, energy-efficient patio slider doors are top-hung. The sash lifts while opening, making it lighter, easier to operate, and causing less wear and tear. Weatherstripping and multi-chamber frames offer comfort by preventing drafts and heat loss, while the triple-point locking system helps ensure the safety of your home. Because they sit directly on the track, they’re able to accommodate heavier and larger panels of glass. They come in sizes as large as 12’ wide by 8’ high, and are a smart way to make the most of a view. There are asymmetrical design options available, as well as dual and triple pane options.


Having a nice, big patio door that opens is a great way to stay cool in summer without having the A/C blasting all day. Unfortunately, it’s also a good way to invite all manner of critters into your home. Thankfully we can provide locally manufactured, high-quality, non-obstructive screens to prevent these potential invasions. They’re easy to use, popping in and out of the frame in a second.

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