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Upgrading multi-family complexes can be a tall order. Having worked on 350+ over nearly four decades, Centra knows how much effort and coordination it ...
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How does Centra work with Stratas & Property Managers?

We’re the professionals you’ll have on hand throughout the project. We perform services from window, door, and siding replacement to full building envelope remediation. We work closely with key stakeholders to make sure everything runs smoothly and offer consultation to provide customized solutions.

Support from planning to project completion

We don’t just make and install windows. We will be there with you every step of the way, right from the planning phase to project completion. Our experts’ knowledge will prove integral to developing an achievable project of quality that ticks all the boxes and improves the lives of residents and the longevity of your building. Given our industry-leading warranties, you can continue to count on us even after completion.

Cost-saving consultations

When it comes to multi-family upgrades, getting the most for your money (and everyone else’s) is vital. Keeping costs in line while maintaining quality can be a difficult task, but you can make it much easier for your project by bringing Centra on board. Our experts will identify areas where savings can be made while offering suitable alternatives so that high performance and efficiency are still achieved.

Multi-unit expertise

There are many reasons to choose Centra. We have installed windows for over 350 full-unit strata complexes and thousands more individual strata homeowners. Our Employee Owners make and install our own products, something our strata customers love about us. That means no subcontractors and allows us to offer our industry-leading warranty. You can rely on our decades of experience to make the renovation a success and provide everyone in the complex with year-round comfort.

General Contractor & Envelope Specialist

Why choose a bid with Centra just as a supplier when we can do it all? We’re experts in the fields of windows, doors, exteriors, and remediation work on residential properties. Our products are engineer-approved, we can deal with hazardous materials like asbestos, and we even do our own scaffolding. By opting for a one-stop shop, you can secure the success of your project and complete it more quickly. We can even work while the building is occupied.

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