Awning Windows

Awning windows are hinged at the top and open upwards. Nice and easy! They’re perfect for areas such as washrooms, as the configuration allows for a privacy ...
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awning window

Premium features

100% fusion-welded vinyl frame and sash corners for extreme durability Multi-chamber vinyl frame to maximize energy efficiency and structural rigidity Rubber gasket sealed weather stripping for added waterproofing and air tightness Multi-point locking system offers an added layer of security Push-out cam handle & roto crank nesting handles available Roto-crank heavy duty hinges provide strength to the window


Our high-performance awning windows cut down on maintenance while achieving high standards of energy efficiency. Their triple weather stripping, multi-chamber frame, and Low Emissivity glazing guarantee that. An unobtrusive handle smoothly cranks the window open, folding away when not in use. The multi-point locking system helps make them burglar-resistant, and we conceal the roto heavy-duty hinges and hardware to prevent outside tampering.


Our awning windows feature non-obstructive screens, so you can enjoy that cool breeze without worrying about the bugs and creepy-crawlies. Like our windows, they’re manufactured in-house and built to the highest standards. They’re made to be maintenance-free and easily removable from the inside, popping out in a second.

Find the perfect window style for your home

We have customizable collections to suit all tastes! Everyone has a preference, and searching for inspiration is always a good first step. The rest will follow, especially with Alberta’s Window Geeks on your side. Have a look and see what catches your eye…

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Modern Collection

Sleek and elegant. Our Modern Collection delivers on energy-efficiency and curb appeal, while the balanced sash and flat-faced trim brings symmetry to your home. These stunning 21st century windows are a great fit for contemporary architecture. The Modern Collection is available in casement, awning, bay, bow, and picture window configurations that are custom made for your home.

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Get inspired by our incredible window options!

There’s no better way to understand what difference our windows will make to your home than by seeing them in action. Dive into our inspiration gallery to get an idea of the amazing work our Window Geeks have been doing!

Urban Farmhouse Home with Black Windows

Black vinyl windows with grids elevate the exterior of this white urban farmhouse home.

Large Black Windows in a Modern Bedroom

Black vinyl windows offer great natural views, and an awning window provides circulation.

Traditional Family Home with Black Windows

The exterior of this beautiful home is made perfect by the black vinyl grid windows and the use of stone.

Bright Modern Kitchen with Large Windows

White vinyl awning windows make this kitchen bright and airy with views out to the garden.

Large Grid Windows in Family Lounge

These large white vinyl windows with grids let in lots of light and suit the style of this lounge.

Classy Washroom with a White Grid Window

This white vinyl grid window keeps this classy washroom looking bright despite the dark walls.

Awning Windows for a Traditional Dining Room

The grids of these large white vinyl awning windows complement the style of this room.

Beautiful Home with Vinyl Windows Set in Nature

The selection of white vinyl grid windows in this home offer great views of the surroundings.

More than you’ll ever need to know about window performance

As Einstein said: “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” Thankfully the Window Geeks don’t have that problem!

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Energy Efficiency

Home Comfort

Sound Reduction

Temperature Control

Energy Efficiency

1. Double glazed minimum

2. Double or triple weather stripping

3. Minimum dual low emissivity coatings repel and trap heat

4. Extra frame chambers to prevent drafts

5. Manufactured locally by our Employee Owners!

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Explore other window types

We have a whole world of windows to show you! Alberta’s Window Geeks are constantly looking for new innovations, striving to provide you with the best quality possible no matter what style you prefer. Make sure you get exactly what you’re looking for by checking out all our offerings.

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