West Coast Patio Slider

Our West Coast Slider offers a grand twist on an old classic. Centra’s West Coast Slider has four large glass panels instead of the traditional two, with the patio door bookended by two beautiful fixed windows designed to flood a room with light. With high-performance glass coatings, you’ll still experience elevated comfort and efficiency. The West Coast Patio Slider is only available in BC.

Premium Features


Hardwearing Brass rollers


Multi-chamber frame


Dual-point locking system


High-performance LoE glazing


Thin frame for a panoramic view

Hybrid Living

These sliding doors are designed to guarantee efficiency and security. Weatherstripping and extra chambers in the frames keep heat in and drafts out, and the glazing features a LoE coating. The dual-point locking system, track lock, steel reinforcement, and optional security drop bar keep you feeling safe in your home. Many other doors have plastic rollers which wear down easily, but ours use brass, allowing the glass panels to slide effortlessly and always perform like new. Despite all these useful features, we never compromise on design.


Our West Coast climate enjoys some hot summer days, so it’s always nice to have large patio doors to catch a breeze and cool down your home. What isn’t so nice is the army of bugs that are always ready to seize this opportunity. We make high-quality, non-obstructive, and easily removable screens to ensure you can ventilate your home without having to spend your whole day swatting these invaders. We locally manufacture them ourselves, maintaining the same impeccable standards as we do with all of our products.

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