How to Clean Doors

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Want to make sure your vinyl and glass doors are looking presentable? Follow these easy steps and get them looking good as new!

With the amount of use they get, it’s no surprise that our doors need a good clean every now and then. Here we’ll look at cleaning the frames, the slab, and the sill system.

Use mild, soapy water

All you really need to use on your vinyl and glass door is mild, soapy water and a clean rag. This should produce good results. You can use the soapy water on all parts of the door, so wipe down your frames, your door slab, and your entry sill.

Top Tip: Dry any glass areas immediately to avoid missed spots.

Drainable sills

Certain door sills, including on some of Centra’s own doors, are drainable sills. Using the soapy water, clean the drain track of the sill until it is free of any dirt and debris. Make sure the holes used to drain are also free of debris to allow the water to flow.

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