How to Clean Window Tracks and Frames

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There’s more to your windows than just the glass panes.

In order to keep windows in good working order, all parts should be cleaned on occasion. This includes the tracks and frames. Here, we’ll show you how to do it properly.

Removing the track

To remove the track for cleaning, pull the track back toward you starting on one end and moving to the other.

Removing the frame

To remove the frame, fully open the window past the top header bump (this bump is for security purposes and ensures the window can’t be opened from outside). Using both hands and a firm grip, push up and carefully pull out the bottom.


Now that these parts are out, you can give them a good clean. You should only need to use mild, soapy water.

Top Tip: Make sure any holes are clean and free of debris. This is important as they’re designed to drain water.

Reinstalling the parts

To reinstall the track, push the edge toward you in first and then push down from one end to the other. To reinstall the frame, get a good grip and lift the window up past the header bump and slowly lower the bottom into place. The window should slide freely if it’s in the correct position.

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