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"You can do your research to get quotes but you must talk to Centra. No other company wanted to touch my patio door which was not good. Centra accommodated all my needs and met every expectation. They were efficient, professional and courteous. Natalie Honey is a gem and a perfect representation of the company and what it stands for."

Cat Middlemiss has been living in her Victoria home since 1996 and the windows were in very poor condition. Her frames were damaged and water and moisture began to leak into her family room. The buildup of moisture was an ongoing battle, especially during the winter season.

Our team installed 15+ windows for this cozy home. This renovation enhanced the level of comfort and solved the issues that the home was dealing with. Cat beautifully illustrates her experience with Centra Windows and the trust she developed for Window Estimator, Natalie Honey.

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Centra Windows is not only the manufacturer but also the installer of its product, which enables us to offer a full warranty, eliminating any confusion between product performance and installation. We view the house as a system and understand how each of the elements must work correctly to maximize the comfort and energy efficiency of your home. Contact our local Employee Owners at 1-888-534-3333 or send us an email at info@centra.ca for more information about this topic and many more. You can also sign up for our biweekly newsletter for all the tips and tricks about the window industry.

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