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Centra Windows Alberta announces new Vice President

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A momentous day for Centra Windows Alberta as they name Emily Parson their Vice President

Earlier this year, recognizing that the potential for growth in Alberta is significant, Centra Windows acquired Supreme Windows Calgary. This move made Centra the largest window installation company in Western Canada. The Alberta team has ambitious plans for the next five years which are going to provide an abundance of opportunities for job seekers in Calgary and options for consumers in the wider province. To see their vision to fruition, they’ve announced Emily Parson as the Vice President of Centra Alberta.

In 2010 Emily joined Centra as the Marketing Manager. Through the initial years of her tenure, Emily’s strong vision and ability to lead ensured the Marketing and Customer Care team excelled and exceeded even the wildest expectations. Her hard work and dedication enabled Centra to grow and expand the marketing team. By 2014 this expansion meant a Vice President of Marketing was needed, and Emily was the clear choice for the role. Employee Ownership is what attracted Emily to Centra, and she believed in the company’s vision so much that she immediately began investing both financially and emotionally.

During this time, Emily has been instrumental in the transformation of the organization. From building a brand that has become a household name, developing and executing strategic plans, driving results through innovative marketing and business development strategies, and leading people to thrive and grow their careers – Emily has made a tremendous difference to Centra. She has built and developed a marketing team which will remain incredibly grateful for her guidance and direction.

“The acquisition of Supreme Windows was a pivotal moment in Centra’s history and we have the opportunity to transform the Window & Door industry in Alberta. The foundation for greatness is there. Our Alberta team is an exceptional group of people who pride themselves on providing great customer service and building quality product. Growth will bring new challenges and I hope to lead them through this change and inspire the next generation of business leaders at Centra Alberta.”

Emily has been an integral member of the Centra Leadership team for eight years. As project lead for the M&A Integration team she has been the main point of contact during the integration of Supreme Windows, and is one of the main reasons that the process has been such a big success so far. Her leadership style, creativity, compassion, and ingenuity make her the perfect person to take on the VP role. She embodies all of Centra’s values, and her passion for our vision and culture has transformed the way the organization collaborates toward a common purpose.

She is no stranger to creating a successful working environment. Alongside her fellow Owners, she will be building and executing strategies that will help us expand on our premium products, installation services, and exceptional customer care.

 “It was such an amazing opportunity to work with everyone in Calgary over the past five months. We are going to double our business in the next five years, so in 2027 we are going to be celebrating having 200 Employee Owners, we are going to be a household name, and we are going to be the employer of choice in the industry.”

As VP, Emily is excited to bring Employee Ownership to the Alberta team. Centra Windows is one of the few companies in the industry with an employee-owned structure. About 85 per cent of its 450 employees are voluntary shareholders, with shares purchased either through a lump-sum investment or through Centra’s share match program. Since becoming Employee Owned within just a few years of its founding in 1984, the company has seen impressive growth with no signs of it slowing.

In addition to operations, Emily is excited to bring Centra's registered charity Centra Cares to the Alberta marketplace. Emily is a board member of the charity, and in the past five years Centra Cares has donated more than $1-million to local and international causes, including organizations that help with mental health, seniors, rehabilitating wildlife, and offer services to vulnerable people.

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As VP of Centra Alberta, Emily’s experience and drive will elevate Centra’s overall operations. As leaders in the industry, Centra has resources that are unmatched and the company fully intends to strengthen its offerings further, which is great news for both Albertans and British Columbians.

Written by: Les Ferris , September 12, 2022
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