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Summer season is around the corner, and our days are getting warmer and longer.
That brings fun at the pool and days on the beach, but it also means an increase in unattended open windows as we try to beat the heat. We may crave a cool breeze, but there are risks that could directly impact your family. Here we’ll look at the dangers to our children and the chances of them falling from open windows, as well as some top tips to keep them safe and prevent these accidents.
According to Global News, there are already six cases of a child being treated for a fall at BC Children's Hospital in 2019. In 2018, 15 children fell from windows or balconies. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) says that unattended windows lead to nearly 5,000 such falls each year, and it is considered one of the top five home hazards.
These are scary and sobering statistics that show just how vital it is to make your windows safe and secure. Recently a toddler fell from a 2nd-storey window of a B.C. apartment. This is such a scary situation! We were glad to hear this little boy is doing okay when we read this CTV News Vancouver story. With all this in mind, check out our tips!

Top 5 Tips:

  1. Screens may keep the bugs out—but they are not strong enough to hold the weight of a toddler when leaned on. Don’t assume this will be enough.
  2. Always lock unopened windows and only open windows that are out of reach of your child for ventilation purposes.
  3. Do not place any beds or scalable furniture underneath a window for curious children to climb.
  4. Always supervise children and keep their play area away from unsecured windows and patio doors.
  5. Consider installing additional safety features to restrict the size of the window opening, such as;
    1. Charley Bars | A straight bar that goes across horizontal sliding windows to prevent opening.
    2. Window Wedges | Small wedges that are used on vertical sliding windows to prevent opening.
    3. Window Stops | A small mechanism that keeps windows locked. The stop also controls the height and width of the locked window.

When the time comes to renovate, consider high-performance energy efficient windows that can keep the heat out and your home comfortable without having to be open, and that feature multi-point locking systems for added safety.

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Written by: Ronil Desai , June 23, 2021
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