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Like any single-family household, a multi-family strata complex will periodically need upgrades and repairs.

Stratas should be starting the conversation now if they are looking to do these types of upgrades in the coming seasons. Renovations are always a big job, and the earlier you bring the Window Experts onboard, the better. Check out the full video from CTV Morning Live to learn what stratas should be looking for when entertaining these types of building upgrades.

We see Centra Windows upgrading windows on both single-family homes as well as multi-family complexes. What do you do differently when working with multi-family complexes?

The main difference with multi-family complexes is the number of owners. As a result of this, there are many regulations that need to be followed to ensure the work is carried out correctly.  A few years back, depreciation reports were introduced to Strata’s which allowed for long-term projects to be planned and financed, allowing Strata’s to pre-plan for a future renewal project such as windows. At the design stage of your project, speaking with experts will allow you to better understand and appreciate how each component of your building envelope and mechanical systems are going to work together to achieve the overall desired building performance.

So how long in advance should a strata be planning to replace windows?  

The rule I like to use is six months minimum, but four months can be long enough depending on the time of year.  If a window renewal project is listed in their depreciation report it may be easier to green light a project than if a strata has to seek funds by other means.  New special strata financing that has become available in recent years has made this a bit easier and faster too. 

It’s also important to know that we install windows all year round, and have means and methods to do winter window replacement that limits the time the window opening is exposed. This reduces the impact on the homeowner, as in most cases, they remain in their home while the work is ongoing. 

So as we enter into the fall, can a complex get their windows installed this winter? 

With enough planning, this is doable. We actually prefer to have a few large projects ready to go for right after the New Year as this tends to be a slower time of the year for home renovations.  We like to keep our installers working all year round, so this is critical to our company culture.  

To start I recommend that you ask us to attend one of your strata council meetings. In this meeting we will discover what you are looking for and come up with a plan. We can review your depreciation report and see if there is an ability to pre-plan the work so that future work such as re-siding the building can be integrated with the new windows.  We will also consider special unique features, like you see behind me, that reduces high-maintenance items such as sealants so that we can cut long-term maintenance costs. After this we will measure and quote your complex at no cost to you and attend information townhalls and AGM’s to help educate homeowners on the benefits of new windows and how they might impact your comfort long term. 

Any final elements a Strata should consider?

Selecting a company that installs their own windows is very important for your home, comfort and safety. If you do have an issue, this can be a hassle as the installation company will point to the manufacturer and the manufacturer will point at the installer. With Centra Windows, there is only one warranty which means there is no hassle and no finger-pointing. A warranty is only as good as the ownership of the company that provides it. 

We are BC's Strata Window Experts

We have installed windows in over 350 full-unit Strata complexes, and installed products for thousands more individual Strata homeowners. We have been in the industry for over 40 years, with thousands of customer reviews to advocate for Centra.

Centra is 100% Employee Owned, which means we are invested in making sure our products and services are the best in the industry, and we stand behind this with an industry-leading warranty. We focus on delivering consistent communication to ensure your Strata complex is fully aware of the details of the installation.

All of our manufacturing team and Installers are full-time Centra employees, which means we control quality and safety standards every step of the way. Our installers are paid by the hour, not by the install, which translates into a focus on quality rather than speed.

We are your Certified Window Geeks

We love to talk windows! The demand for glass is at its all-time highest, but we are working with our customers to ensure you get the products you need. Contact us as early in the process as possible so we can help secure your order and keep your project on schedule. We will guide you early on so that your project and supply requirements are met.

For more information on this topic (and many more!) contact our local Employee Owners at 1-888-534-3333 or drop us an email at You can also sign up for our biweekly newsletter, which provides all the tips and tricks about the window industry you could ever need.

Written by: Les Ferris
Updated by: Les Ferris , October 19, 2021
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