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Employee Ownership

We all deserve to be respected and feel appreciated when it comes to our work lives, and that’s exactly the type of environment that Centra Windows fosters. Nobody should wake up in the morning and dread going to work. We strive to make sure every one of our Employee Owners knows they’re valued and give them the tools they need to accomplish their professional and personal goals.

We sat down with Krystle from our fantastic customer care team to talk about her story, her journey to Centra, and how she has found her time with us so far.

What did you do prior to joining Centra Windows?

“I was upper management at a fast food restaurant. I worked there for a total of 14 years and was a manager for about 12. I got the job when my mom passed away. I didn’t know how I was going to pay for her funeral, so I looked for something to try and cover the flowers and other expenses for her. After that the job was just something that helped me keep going, because my kids were very little. It kept my mind off of things, and I ended up sticking with it because I recognized that it had helped me get through a hard time.

I liked it, and what it stood for, but over the years things changed. It wasn’t a very healthy environment anymore. I was actually on a stress leave for the last year, and I was supposed to go back, but I just knew my time there was done and I had to move on. That’s when I applied for Centra. I was literally crying because I didn’t want to go back to my old job, but I didn’t have any qualifications behind me because I had kids when I was young.”

What first attracted you to Centra?

“When I was looking for a new job, I told myself I wouldn’t go back into something that was toxic or not mentally healthy. When I saw the ad for Centra, I noticed how great the culture was and how awards had been won. I was sat there searching at 2AM, and thought it would be a dream to work there from how it sounded. Then I looked Centra up and there were so many good reviews. I just prayed and crossed my fingers that I would get the job. Then I got the call and met with the team, and they hired me. If you’d told me while I was sitting there researching that night that, not only would I get the job but that I’d be promoted to Customer Care Lead after four months, I’d have thought you were crazy.”

How have you found Centra so far? Does it live up to those expectations?

“It’s honestly above my expectations. I’m very thankful for Centra and the opportunities and experiences that I’ve had in these four short months since starting. Where I come from, it’s a very tough, thick-skin environment. It’s very dog-eat-dog and people climbing up the ladder, but you’re climbing over people to get up that ladder. Whereas here, I love it. I think it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me besides having my children because I finally enjoy coming to work every day. It almost doesn’t even feel like work.

Everyone here is so nice and supportive, and it’s just so mind-blowing to think how I put myself and my worth through the last job for so long when I could have been working somewhere like this instead. It really opens your eyes. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing my job or you’re the Vice President of Marketing or the CEO, everyone is treated equally and it’s all about supporting each other and lifting each other up. I’m not made to feel like I’m lesser. And I also love how we always give back to the community through things like the Centra Cares Foundation, Nightshift Ministries and helping children.”

What advice would you give to people who feel underappreciated in their roles?

“Know your worth, and don’t stand for anything less. Because I didn’t have an education and I had my family right out of high school, I didn’t think I was capable of getting anywhere without going back to school. I put up with the toxicity and poor mental health because I didn’t think it could get any better for me. But I bit the bullet and took that leap, and amazing things happened.

I don’t regret working where I did before because it made me who I am today and gave me the thick skin that I have, and I appreciate what I have now, but I finally feel like going through all that makes sense now that I’ve started working for Centra because it’s shown me what I truly deserve.”

After four months with Centra Windows, Krystle was promoted to Customer Care Lead. We’re grateful to her for the tremendous job she does every day, her positive attitude, and how she always strives for excellence. Thank you, Krystle.

Are you looking for an exciting new opportunity?

Check out our current openings today! If you’re searching for a role where you’ll be respected and given the chance to grow professionally, then the Centra Family is right for you.

Written by: Les Ferris & Krystle White , March 7, 2022
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