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You’ve decided you’re ready.

You want to make a change and invest your passion and expertise in a new company, but this new company has got to be worth your time. In order to be a match made in Heaven, your individual values have to align. It’s all about compatibility.

Because the interview process is a two-way street, we wanted to share some of the most common questions candidates ask us about our company culture.

What are Centra’s values?

Our values can be summed up very easily: FERST. Family, Entrepreneurial Spirit, Respect, Safety, and Teamwork. Yeah, we know you probably rolled your eyes at “Family”, but these aren’t just buzz words some corporate team came up with. These values emerged through a collaborative effort, with all Employee Owners having input. We live them out and hold each other accountable to them daily. What matters to our Employee Owners matters to Centra.

Check out this video to see how these values have truly impacted people:

What adjectives would you use to describe Centra’s culture?

Transparent – Ever heard of an owner of a successful company not knowing what’s going on? Neither have we. We’re Employee Owned and transparency is key to keeping us aligned, rallying us when we need it, and keeping us working together toward the same end goal.

Innovative – We didn’t become the #1 Window Company in B.C. by constantly doing the same old stuff. We are always pushing the boundaries and striving to go beyond what we’ve achieved in the past. This is ingrained in our culture. Our Employee Owners know that the status quo isn’t a thing here.

Passionate – When every Employee Owner understands their impact on Centra’s success, you see far more engagement and passion. This breeds excellence and ties in with our value of Entrepreneurial Spirit.

Agile – Centra isn’t immune to tough situations (hello, global pandemic). Our team doesn’t take these challenges lying down. We’re highly adaptive. We assess difficult situations quickly and adjust accordingly so Centra can continue to grow, keep standards high, and keep our Employee Owners going.

Connected – Centra is a place where you can feel a sense of belonging. We want everyone to feel accepted and appreciated – this is why three of our values touch on being connected: Family, Respect, and Teamwork.

How important is culture fit at Centra?

At Centra, we focus on culture ‘add’ instead of culture ‘fit’. We don’t judge a candidate on whether we think they’ll fit in. We’re more interested in a person’s diverse opinions, specialized skillset, and experiences that will enhance overall company culture.

What does it take to be successful at Centra?

So what does it take to be successful here? We have a formula for that: P + P. Passion & Performance. At Centra, we’re a bunch of unique people that come together as Employee Owners to keep us at the top. This means we’re passionate, and that passion drives our performance. This is not a place to fly under the radar – we’re the place for people who want to grow their expertise through a fun and rewarding work environment.

What does Employee Ownership mean?

This is the top question candidates ask us, and it’s a good one! Employee Ownership is at the core of who we are. There is a reason we have “Own It!” on the back of our shirts. It’s because we own our words, actions, and promises, but also because we quite literally own the company. We aren’t working to fill the pockets of faceless investors who only see us as numbers. We’re working for, and alongside, each other.

If after reading these FAQ’s you’re like… ”yeah, this sounds like a place I would thrive”, then we want to hear from you! Click Here to access our open opportunities page.

We also have our recruiter Candice, who has been an owner for over 8 years, ready to talk all things Centra. You can learn more about her right here or reach out to her with your questions to

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