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Last week on our LinkedIn initiative #TwoCentsTuesday, we asked which version of NAFS is referenced in the National Building Code. The results are in, and 33% percent voted for NAFS 11 and 67% for NAFS 08. Depending on the context, either answer could be correct! 

We feel like a broken record saying this, but context is critical – especially when code compliance is not black and white. The answer, as referenced from the National Building Code, is as follows: 

“Any products tested to NAFS 2008 and in compliance with the Canadian Supplement 2009 will be permitted, as long as a building permit is in place before December 2019 

For all building permits after December 2019, windows, doors, and skylights will be required to conform to NAFS 11 and the Canadian Supplement 2017” 

What’s the Difference Between NAFS 08 and NAFS 11? 

When it comes to window specification, not much has changed from NAFS 08 to NAFS 11 (there is also NAFS 17, which is not yet required) since the changes do not affect the durability or performance of compliant products. One small change was to the performance grade tables. NAFS 11 per square foot values are now precise conversions at 2 decimal places, whereas in NAFS 08, the per sqft values were rounded to the nearest 10 at 2 decimal places. This makes the performance grade calculation methods in NAFS 11 and/or NAFS 17 more accurate in determining specific wind load, wind pressure, and driving rain wind pressure values.  

The most noticeable difference is that performance requirements are reorganized into product type, performance class, material, and components. Also, there are now 36 operator types compared to 31 in 2008. These additional operator types are:  

  • Mullion Assembly  
  • Parallel Opening Window
  • Secondary Storm Product
  • Tubular Daylighting Devices
  • Roof Window plastic glazed and glass glazed 

Improvements made in these specific areas mean that in order to claim full compliance on operators above, your product would need to be compliant with NAFS 11. Compliance with previous versions of NAFS does not constitute compliance in these areas with NAFS 11.

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Written by: Les Ferris , December 16, 2022
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